Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New hair and another skin sneak peak!

Hey guys!

I got some goodies for you!

But firstly I'm going to get a few other announcements over with.

I finally got my 3DCC event items in the store. There is only one Special Edition dress left. Also I put 3 of the Hair packs down 75% for a limited time.

The Rezzable event is over, so Alien Flora is now home. I also put 3 packs of it down 75% for a limited time.

The Opium Show was fun, I enjoy the first one, which I was in attendance for. I have the 2 new hairs from that in the store now. I had made a New Female Hair called Troian Mystic. Troian is a demon god of cosmos, the hair is sort of horny, and the event theme was spacey, so thats is where the name came from for that piece. The other is a hair you have all been bugging me for since I gave you guys a sneak peak last year, so Loaded is finally out. It's a Unisex Dreaded Mohawk.

Troian Mystic


Mens Hair:

*New* Tank Master Flex

Tank Master Flex

Yes, new male hair! I made this for fun one day, don't really know why, and the name is from something else in my personal history, so it just makes me giggle seeing it.




Unisex Hair:



I really wanted to wear this hair, so I dug deep into my oldie box, and redid a few things people were always bitching about on it. So it's a totally updated version of the old Quill hair, based off of a sea serpent character from a japanese Magna Book.


Hydra Priestess

Have no clue why it took me so long to get this Hairfair hair back out, all I can say is I'm a dip.


If your looking for the Scarabs, C&D Designs does not have them out yet. If you'd like a set, let me know, and I can get it arranged.

As always for new release day, all hairs above have 3 packs set down 75%.

I made this for the Haiti Relief Charity fund It was made to go with the Ozimals Alien bunny. So get your alien bunny look on, and throw a bit of cash to some people in need.

Alien Bunnah Parts-Haiti Charity

You can only get this bunny part set at my "Stringer's Bunny Sanctuary". It's a place I made for my own personal collection of Ozimals, as well as selling off the bunnies they seem to rabidly be making with all their bunny smexing.

Also, I have instore, in a green giftbox, another sneak peack at my new skins. This probly wont ever actually be a tone, I was just fucking around, but you can come and get it and enjoy it! L$1 for a limited time.

Okay guys, enjoy!