Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Woeful Wednesday-Week 9

Woeful Whiskers tickle when kissed.

Kitty Kaikai Knitted Mowwy Hats

Someone sent me a link to these RL mohawk hats. I got a pattern and was going to start making on for my 3 month old daughter for winter. Then I was like dude, I have to have these in sl. So ya that is where it came from.

This set was made special just for ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday October 6th thru to Tuesday October 12th for a price of L$50. These Hats will eventaully be sold, in different texturing. I threw in the hair in the ad for good measure.

Get it this Wednesday at my store inwolrd at:

***For more info on ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^, please check out the flickr group here:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hunt of the Living Dead

Yellow Jester presents the Hunt of the Living Dead - a grid-wide treasure hunt organized to help you prepare for the impending zombie apocalypse. You'll find everything you need from zombie skins and survival tools to death, murder, carnage and brains. Hunt of the Living Dead features items created by some of the freakishly talented designers and builders in Second Life. Join other survivors and seek strength in numbers, or stalk the last remaining humans from October 1 - 31.

Visit the Blog
Visit the Hint Page
Visit the Flickr Group

I'm #24. This is a short hunt, I'd suggest you start from the start, it only took me 2 hours to complete, and that was with the grid being a douche!

Want to see my lovelies?

The Legend of The Hellfire DiseaseMongers

From the Depths of hell comes a creature born of the heat of eternal flames. As with most demons, once summoned they will carry out your desire, but with a price.

The DiseaseMongers hunt your undead with a sadistic pleasure that only their kind can exibit. They get the job done, but at what price?

After they have had their fill and fun, and have wiped clean the population of undead, you had better be ready, cause they are coming for you!

So here it is!

Unisex set


-Horns on all 3 attachment Points
-Hair that matches horns
-Bonus for women only, or dudes with small hands-Size 20 Finger Claws

Original Hint-Not all Brains Stick together, but you never know

***Hunt object moves, so hint will not be the same all thru the month, check the hints blog for updates***

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Woeful Wednesday-Week 8

Woe is like sugar! Make you run around all Giddy.

"Nailed" Nails set

I got it in my head that it would be funny to see Nails with nails. Shouldn't surprise you . . .

This set was made special just for ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday September 29th for a price of L$50. These Nails will eventaully be sold, in different texturing.

Get it this Wednesday at my store inwolrd at:

***For more info on ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^, please check out the flickr group here:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Woeful Wednesday-Week 7

Wickedness of Woe this week!

*** Yes it isn't Wednesday anymore, blogger decided not to post my post, so I'm sending it out uber late. My item will be up for today aswell, for all those who did not get to see this notice. ***

Lightning Burn

It all started with this skin. At first it was going to be a one time only skin, but it turned into a full range, there are now 10, but this week I just put in the red version. Then I was like oooo I can be all demon hot mamma in this. So then I started to put together a look. Then I was like oooo I can give said look away!

This set was made special just for ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday September 22nd for a price of L$50. This Skin will eventaully be sold, but eyes are totally unique in the matching colour for this event only. Demon parts will eventaully be set out too, probly in different texturing, and the hair will be updated and out too!

Get it this Wednesday at my store inwolrd at:

***For more info on ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^, please check out the flickr group here:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Woeful Wednesday-Week 6

What time is it? Woe time! *cues up horrible dance full of woe*


I changed today's item like 5 times I swear. Really didn't know what I wanted to make. But this lil baby popped out. I hope you like it.

This set was made special just for ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday September 15th for a price of L$50. This Hair will eventaully be sold, but one of the combos is totally unique for this event only. The Accessories will also be different.

Get it this Wednesday at my store inwolrd at: Vale/74/185/552

***For more info on ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^, please check out the flickr group here:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Black Bacchanal-Uk is in Anarchy

The once was a lass named Stringer
who went to the UK to become a swinger
They were so prude
oh what's a girl to do
so she decided to go on Springer!


The Bacchanal has arrived once again, bringing the Oi! Spikes, leather, and plenty of mohawks we celebrate Anarchy in the UK and the punk movement. Update your punk as fuck wardrobe, and get some great deals, with hair, jewelry and more starting at only 13L!

we submit for your pleasure-

Arsenic Lace
Cup of Crown
Stringer Mausoleum
Ticky Tacky
Violet Voltaire

So start the riot and get down here to get the goods. The Bacchanal will be in town From Monday September 13th to the 15th.

So here it all is:

Sculpted vest. Comes in 2 accent colour versions, red and blue. Has a seperate attachment with 250 gems shapes into a Union Jack Flag. Copy/Mod so you can move things and shape as needed.

Crazy, punky pompom hair. Included is the standard Black, White, Blue and Red, also a White/Red/Blue vesion special for the event, plus two Blacks with differnet coloured bangs, one with blue, one with red.

Something fun I made. My sis says it's very Canadian, duct tape and all! Unisex, and moddable.

Fun mini mohawk to match the above vest accents.


I decided to use a pant I made a while back, but never released for this event. I left some of them plain, and then did some in plaid, cause who doesn't need more plaid? There are 14 versions and the rare prize being a pair of my Duct Tape Junle Clomps! Only L$13 per play. Pants are trasferable for sharing, the boots however are not. Good luck!

so come on down, the other vendors have wonderful items too, you can make whole outfits with your stop, at an affordable price too!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Woeful Wednesday-Week 5

Here again? it sure is!


This was a sort of request by our very own Woeful Wednesday Ringleader, Dame Hallow. Now the hair sort of evolved from what she had asked for, so some day I will make the original, but this still is a rad style.

This set was made special just for ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday September 8th for a price of L$50. This hair will eventaully be sold, but these colourations are totally unique to this event.

Get it this Wednesday at my store inwolrd at: Vale/74/185/552

For more info on ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^, please check out the flickr group here:

Hairfair 2010 is finally here!


Welcome to this years Hairfair, I am Helena Stringer, your Crazy Green Mohawk Wearing Space Tentacle Demoness Extraordinaire!

This year I bring you another round of 5 styles.

But there is a Twist! Always a twist!

I'm launching HALF of my new 2010 Hair Textures this year at Hairfair, so all the styles are all in lovely new colours. 2 of the packs, the Limited Edition Night Shines and the Special Edition Light Shines are up for grabs too and are 50% set to the Wigs for Kids Charity. On ALL hairs! The Limited Edition Night Shines will not be seen for these hairs again for purchase EVER, so grab those if you really want them. The Special Edition Light Shines will be going back to my Updated Trading Card Program, so wont ever be for purchase either, so grab them while it's easy, and you don't have to collect a bunch of point to get them.

I so got inspired while doing a lil robot hunt at a store, that I made this little number. I love my lil robo pets. Hope you enjoy them too!

Another of my "Inspired by shit laying around the house" pieces. This one of the discraded pearl earrings from my exploaded purse. No litterally, my purse exploaded, was not fun. Anyways I can see this piece on the catwalks for sure!

I did up a special colouration, just for Hairfair and only for Hairfair. So this is not only Exclusive, but Limited Edition too! I have it set to only L$100 with 50% going to Wigs for Kids.

The Frist of my Horoscope line, Virgo. This Unisex style has a "Wet" look and has a wing attachment for the head.

It can't be Hairfair unless The Stringer has a Mohawk! This bad boy is BIG! and has a fuckton of prims, but that is okay, you'll love it to bits once you see it's movement on your head!

This is my 50% Charity Item this year at Hairfair. It's my mens style, and I love it to bits. An awesome friend was making Ribbon/Knit textures and handed me tis one, and I've been sticking it on everything possible. I loved it on this hat, and just had to do soemthing with it. Might be a bit tame for The Stringer, but duuuuuude my man alt looks HOT! I want to nom on him, but then that is like self canabalisim isn't it?

Support a good cause, buy a pack(and it happens to look fab on the chics too, as with most male hairs, darn chicies!).

As always, you will find a giftbox in my Hairfair store, it has 2 styles in it, one Unisex and one for the Women.

Come to my Booth here:

Want to see what else is at the fair, but don't want to wait to tp in? Join the Demo group that was created just for that reason! all of us designers are sending our Demos into it, so it makes it easier on you. You can join thru my profile or type in search "Hair Fair DEMO Group".

You can also Preview ads in the Official Flickr Group:

I hope you have a wonderful fair this year. I'm off to Sleep!

Helena Stringer
Designer/Owner of The Stringer Mausoleum
Store Blog:
Fashion Blog:
Flickr Group:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Woeful Wednesday-Week 4

It's that time again!

Dark Dreams Eyes

I wanted to do something other then hair this week(as Hairfair is coming up), so I made something fun! I made these eyes and I'm so happy with how they turned out.

This set was made special just for ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday September 1st for a price of L$50. These eyes will eventaully be sold, but these colourations are totally unique to this event.

Get it this Wednesday at my store inwolrd at: Vale/74/185/552

For more info on ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^, please check out the flickr group here:

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Black Bacchanal - Fables

Once upon a time...

The fables lost their homes due to a corrupt and reaching adversary and found themselves in the mundane reality we all live in, fortunately their story became an Eisner award winning comic book and inspiration for the newest Bacchanal! Join us for this special event with all manner of wonders available for you to take home, starting at only 13L!

This time around your designers are:

The Black Canary
Stringer Mausoleum

As always the Bacchanal won't last forever, and you can be sure you'll probably never see these prices again. So take a trip and hurry, because the Bacchanal will be packing up again on the 5th, and who knows when it might show up again?

When you got such a group of ladies , it's hard to pick just one to make something for. So I chose my top 5 ladies to work off of, and this set popped out. Each colouration has detials that tie in to it's namesake. These are transferable and come in all layers. You get the whole set for L$300.

New Unisex Hair! Yes the ad just has a chic, deal. The hair looks awesome on the dudes. Rose Red is such a rebelious Fable, couldn't pass up the chance on making something to do with her. This short punky style is just one of the many she wears in the comic. L$113 for a pack of 4 colours. These are my new 2010 hair textures, so enjoy!

A curse is a curse, even when you are a women like Sleeping Beauty. What better way to show off the ultimate power of Briar Rose, then to add it's touch to a few pairs of boots? You get both pairs for L$31.

I love making eyes and what better thing to be inspired by the The Big Bad Wolf? L$13 for the set.


Lumi the Snow Queen is one of the Ebil Characters in the comic series. I made a set of skins inspired by her, in 2 tones. Now these are in the Gatcha, and are only L$13 each play. I also have a Rare prize in there, a monochromatic pair of the " Briar Rose a Go-go" Boots. The skins are all transferable, so you can trade them to complete your collection. The boots however are not. Good luck!

So come on by, check out the cool build inspired by the comic, and grab some awesome deals!

Magical Carpet Ride HERE!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Woeful Wednesday Headquarter Gifty!

To celebrate the opening of the Woeful Wednesday Headquarters, I made a recolour of my "Goth by the Beach" swimset.

In order to get this item you must be a part of the Woeful Wednesday Group inworld. You can bring up my profile(Helena Stringer) and join from there, or you can do a SL search in the groups tab for it.

Grab a Taxi HERE!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Hunts are Almost done!

And I have decided to make things a bit easier. I'm going to put some hints on here for you guys, since it always seems like you all want EVERYTHING! Who wouldn't, I made the stuff, so it's awesome!

Hints for the 3rd Annual Starlust Hunt

On Elliot
*TSM* "Army Raider" Beach Bummers~Smoothmelon
I see you down there in the store!

On Harold
*TSM* "Raid my Paisly" Bodysuit~Garden
Must be a chick horse, it's got a clam!

On Horst
*TSM* "Army Raider" Beach Bummers~Torley
ZOMG That is a big f$^&ing Fish, and appearntly it eats clams. Now is that why there is a fish smell?

On Lloyd
*TSM* "Raid my Paisly" Bodysuit~Mystic
I'm sitting here staring at the ocean stuck with this wide load.

On Floyd
*TSM* "Army Raider" Beach Bummers~Tranango
Oh big D my love, I sit here on this mountain top, on this lonely bench and look at your lusious pink glow, how you woo me, with all that flash.

On Gaylord
*TSM* "Raid my Paisly" Bodysuit~Sunset
Helena Blogs for these people doesn't she?


Each clam is L$1. Tps take you to the set sim points.

"Meet you at the Beach" Aurora Vale Hunt

All the Womens gifts are in Peachy Clamshells and all the Mens gifts are in Curly Green Shells. Each shell is set to L$5. To preview the gifts please check out my blog Here:

Womens Gifts

1-this cave use to go somewhere
2-where my store use to live
3-I hid it behind myself
4-I'm right at the start of it all!
5-Come sit, enjoy the starfish and calm ocean breezes
6-Sit next to me
7-enter for a cosmic adventure
8-How the hell did I find a unicorn, I can't walk!
9-You feeling lucky punk?
10-MMM Soda
11-Meet me at the Bar
12-You got boobs, I like boobs! Lets Get married!
13-What is that under the pier?
14-A lonely lakerock is my home

Mens Gifts

1-Find me at the Topiary!
2-Wow that is a big pipe
3-A Jellyfish guards me
4-A pack of merpeople guard me
5-I see wheelchairs over there
6-Sit for Tea

I hid them all in plain sight this time. You can thank me with prezzies, haha. It's not my hunt, so I decided not to be my usual meanie. You still have to search the whole darn sim tho, all areas, all levels.

7 Oldschool gothy beachwear sets. I also have the 7 hair in the ad that match each Swimset in the hunt, so you can be all matchy matchy.

6 Hairs for the dudes in special colours.

I've set all my items to L$5.

Start the hunt HERE!

Hopes this helps you all!

Woeful Wednesday-Week 3

Here we meet again . . .

Utterly Screwed!

I decided to go unisex this week.

This Piece has alot going on. It's sort of what I would think Lady Gaga would wear hair wise if she was more rocker/punk. Lots of things going on but in that sort of artistic take on fashion.

This set was made special just for ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday August 25th for a price of L$50. The set includes 1 hair, in 2 differnet colourations. Eye Screws are actually a part of the hair istelf. The Hair will eventaully be sold, but these colourations are totlly unique to this event.

Get it this Wednesday at my store inwolrd at:

***For more info on ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^, please check out the flickr group here:***

I'm a wee bit late sending out this notice, so I'll be leaving this item out till 11:59 pm slt on August 26th.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Woeful Wednesday-Week 2

So another week is here, lets see what I made for juuuuu . . .

Ghost Stories gone Wrong!

This one sort of got made because of a funny series of sl events.

The basic idea is that a group of people are sitting by a campfire, eating toasty marshmellows, and telling ghost stories. This is basically what the ghosts do after a series of bad tales.

This set was made special just for ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday August 18th for a price of L$50. The set includes 2 hairs, one unisex and one womens. It has 2 attachments, one for the chin(headpiece) and one for the chest. This gives you more then enough options to make it all work =)

Get it this Wednesday at my store inwolrd at:

***For more info on ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^, please check out the flickr group here:***

I'd love to see what you all do with this


Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Meet me at the Beach" Aurora Vale Sim Wide Hunt

My sister is holding a hunt on our sim and this is what she has to say!

"Meet Me at the Beach"
Aurora Vale Sim Wide Hunt

Sun. Aug 15 - Tue. Aug 31

Hello everyone and welcome to Aurora Vale's summer hunt held by C&D Designs. This hunt is a camp/beach themed one, meant to be fun & give you time to explore the sim. It's also in celebration C&D Design's 3rd year anniversary. So put on your sun screen and hat and let's get going!

There are quite a few prizes from various designers. Some are paid ones, since the designer's have taken such good care in creating many great items. You are looking for seashells and these range from L$0 to L$50. They are hidden all over the sim, including sim tunnels and in the stores themselves. You have 2 weeks to find them all !

Here's a preview for some, as part of the hunt sign.

Prizes/gifts range from Camping gear, tents, campfires, inflated rafts, rainsticks, to beachwear, camp t's, & hair. More will be added as the hunt goes along and announced in the C&D Designs groups.

Starting Point

Store signs at TP point to teleport to individual stores.
In order to collect all the "C&D Designs" shells you must visit these stores as well. 1 per store minimum, including Actuate Eden.

Designers participating:

C&D Designs
The Stringer Mausoleum
House of Ruin
The Black Canary (TBC)

Enjoy and you may be surprised at what you find.

Cherelle Capra
Owner/Designer for C&D Designs

End of Cher talky talky.

So here are my gifts

7 Oldschool gothy beachwear sets. I also have the 7 hair in the ad that match each Swimset in the hunt, so you can be all matchy matchy.

6 Hairs for the dudes in special colours.

I've set all my items to L$5.

Closer to the end, if you were having issues, I'm going to be releasing hints. so keep a watch on the blog.

Have fun!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

3rd Annual Starlust Pantie Raid

I'm lucky enough to yet again be in Starlust's Pantie Raid.

This year I did something special, and made both guy and girl items. They actually aren't even panties but Bathing Suits. I got awesome Board Shorts for the Men and BodySuits for the Women.

I have 6 clams in total, one on 6 of the 8 sims that the event takes place on. 3 for the men and 3 for the women.

The Event Starts tomorrow afternoon(Friday August 13th), so be ready for the craziness. Click on my link to the side of my Eliot Store tp to get you started.

Good luck guys!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Woeful Wednesday-Week 1

The Stringer Mausoleum is in this event, and I have to say, The Stringer is very happy about it! Here is what I made for the event.

Death of a Goddess

A dedication piece made for my goddess of my biggest sl addiction. May she be forever worshiped in the hearts of my fellow addicts.

A new womens hair from The Stringer Mausoleum.

This specific Edition will be sold for the first week of ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday August 11th for a price of L$50. After that a more "Tame" version of the hair will be inworld and it will be going back to normal pricing. Also it has one of my new 2010 Textures on it, so it's doublely special! I'll have next to the vendor L$1 pack of wearable tester hairs, so you can see the texture before you buy it. What is a wearable tester hair? Regular hair actually, no signs, copy/mod. It's just the way I do my testers, so enjoy!

Get it this Today Only at my store inwolrd at:

***For more info on ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^, please check out the flickr group here:***



Monday, August 9, 2010

Woeful Wednesdays

Hey guys!

I'm part of a new event called Woeful Wednesdays. Now it is one of them shopping type things, but with a twist. It will eventually comprise of 40 designers, each bring you a design every wednesday with the darker themes in mind. These items will be set for only L$50. All you alternative junkies will love this event. It starts this upcomming Wednesday August 11th.

To learn more about the event feel free to click the Join board at Into the Hallow. Alternatively you can join the Flickr Group that has been created. It already as some of this weeks designs in it for viewing.

***Designers--->There are still some spots open for stores. If your items fit a darker theme, and you would like to be a part of this sort of event, please feel free to get an application at Into the Hallow***

So look out for my release, I got something awesome for you gals!

Friday, July 23, 2010

What's up Stringer?

***Press Release***

Helena Stringer, your ever faithful mohawk lovin lady, had had a bad go of 2009 and early 2010.

In real life her carbon-based lifeform was attempting to have another offspring. She lost 5 thru the year, thus causing issues with her iron levels. Exhausted all the time, she started not being able to handle the load she set for herself with her SL.

Sometime in October she got super sick. It was the time of the swine flu. But alas the answer was not so simple. Doctors had no clue what was wrong with her, it wasn't the dreaded piggly sickness. Over the course of a few weeks, she lost 40 pounds, was unable to eat anything, and her organs started to fail.

They sent off her tests to the University of Western Ontario, to be analyzed more thouroughly. In the meantime, her condition started to get worse.

Come the week before xmas, she was finally able to eat rice crispy cereal. You'd think this was a godsend, but after weeks of it, 4 times a day, it can make you sick just to look at it.

In the new year, they finally had some news for her. Seems that she was allergic to a chemical that was being sprayed on the fields around her house. As she was breathing in the corn dust in the fall, she had inhaled some of the offending spores. These spores had become toxic in her system, which lead to her Kidneys and Liver to stop functioning properly. Compounded with her already low iron levels, and then the fact that she could not eat as a side effect of the toxic allergic reaction, things just were not getting better.

Then . . .

She started to notice a lump, even with her having lost weight, in her belly region.

The Stringer was preggo.

The offspring on top of all the other stuff going on, was slowly eating Stringer from the inside out. First to go was all her muscle mass.

Luckily, before things got too crazy, they found out exactly what was up, gave her some meds, pumped her with some stuff in IV form.

Being watched closely, the condition of the baby was great, all things aside.

May 27th was suppose to be the happy day, sadly as with all things Stringer, events don't always go as planned.

Without making this report too long, there was a month of a mess with various doctors, and The Stringer went in to have her Baby Boy on the 30th of June(yes late, very late!). The one good thing about that was the fact that she ended up with a delivery doctor that looked like an ax murderer, rather the the doctor that looked like a deer caught in headlights, who also happened to be a baby dropper!


Now there was mention of the baby being a boy. They had said 90% chance.

Well it had funny parts when it popped out, didn't look right.



Shyanne Rose-Marie was born June 30th at 11:04pm(almost canada's day, tho we can still blow shit up for the birthday anyways). She was 9 pounds 5 ounces and 51cms long(20 inches).

The Stringer brought her lil spawn home, and had been caring for it over the past weeks. She did however have to go in for surgery due to 4 areas of hemorrhaging. She finally felt somewhat normal for the first time yesterday, after a long year of illness.

***End of Baby Blabbing***

What does this all mean to you?

Well The Stringer is back, gearing up for Hairfair 2010. She has many people to get back to, lots of notecards, lots of things she said she would do for you all, and hasn't.

So over the next few weeks she will be getting to all of these things, and start back to getting on a normal track of things.

Upcoming changes:

-release of 2010 hair textures
-New store build
-Annual Halloween Hunt
-3 year store anniversary

Just to name the biggies.

It's great to be back, looking forward to the rest of 2010, going to try to make it memorable to myself, so the last year doesn't feel like a waste.