Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Meet me at the Beach" Aurora Vale Sim Wide Hunt

My sister is holding a hunt on our sim and this is what she has to say!

"Meet Me at the Beach"
Aurora Vale Sim Wide Hunt

Sun. Aug 15 - Tue. Aug 31

Hello everyone and welcome to Aurora Vale's summer hunt held by C&D Designs. This hunt is a camp/beach themed one, meant to be fun & give you time to explore the sim. It's also in celebration C&D Design's 3rd year anniversary. So put on your sun screen and hat and let's get going!

There are quite a few prizes from various designers. Some are paid ones, since the designer's have taken such good care in creating many great items. You are looking for seashells and these range from L$0 to L$50. They are hidden all over the sim, including sim tunnels and in the stores themselves. You have 2 weeks to find them all !

Here's a preview for some, as part of the hunt sign.

Prizes/gifts range from Camping gear, tents, campfires, inflated rafts, rainsticks, to beachwear, camp t's, & hair. More will be added as the hunt goes along and announced in the C&D Designs groups.

Starting Point

Store signs at TP point to teleport to individual stores.
In order to collect all the "C&D Designs" shells you must visit these stores as well. 1 per store minimum, including Actuate Eden.

Designers participating:

C&D Designs
The Stringer Mausoleum
House of Ruin
The Black Canary (TBC)

Enjoy and you may be surprised at what you find.

Cherelle Capra
Owner/Designer for C&D Designs

End of Cher talky talky.

So here are my gifts

7 Oldschool gothy beachwear sets. I also have the 7 hair in the ad that match each Swimset in the hunt, so you can be all matchy matchy.

6 Hairs for the dudes in special colours.

I've set all my items to L$5.

Closer to the end, if you were having issues, I'm going to be releasing hints. so keep a watch on the blog.

Have fun!


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