Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aine Mermaid Skins

Aine, a keltic mermaid of the deep. She has more shadows hidden on her body then light, but what light there is makes her features pop. She has surfaced to bring you a gift, a chance to be part of her world.

This is the base skin, there will be more makeups to come, cause come on peoples, I like to play! Each base skin comes with a sneak peak at my new ears I've got coming out soon, as part of a bonus. You basically get them free with purchase. Each are pretinted to match the skins.

Swiming in my new Duds

Full On Mer

Here is a peek at the colours:

The Instore Setup

Instore Mer Setup

Mer-Base-Ocean Flower





Mer-Base-Water Weed


Mer-Base-Wild Yonder

Mer-Base-Squid Ink

Mer-Base-Cold Void

There are demos all bundled in one pack, so try them out and see what your favorite colour is!

As a special incentive for my inworld group, I'm letting you guys pick out your hair of choice, in any pack of your choice, to go with your new skin. All you have to do is make a notecard, title it "Aine Mermaid/Hair Deal~Your Name Here". Put in the notecard your transaction info, and your choice of Hair, and the one hair pack colour choice. Then just send to me! Helena Stringer.


Aine Mermaid/Hair Deal~Helena Stringer

03/06/2010 08:56:29 787a0558 Source: Helena Stringer
Object Sale
Region: Aurora Vale
Description: *TSM* Aine Mermaid Skin~Algae(5)~Base Makeup

Allegory Hair in Night Rainbows Pack Please!

I hope you enjoy the fantasy these skins will bring, these bases can be used for many things, not just mer avis.