Friday, June 14, 2013

Genre - Art Deco Round

I made hair this time, inspired by a pearl and bow brooch of the era. I have several different packs.
It starts June 15th and runs for a month. All items at the event are L$100 and under.

TP to Genre

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Genre - Sci-fi Round

I have to say I am very excited about this round of Genre. I made Tentacle Demon parts, in the styling of the Tentacle Space Demons from my Homeworld of Troii. There are 6 different event only colours. The sets will eventually be sold in the store, but with more addons in the packs as well as different colours. I have sized these down to fit the petites as well, so each pack comes with the petites sizing. These are also unisex.

It starts May 15th and runs for a month. All items at the event are L$100 and under.

TP to Genre

Monday, May 13, 2013

World Goth Fair - May 15th to May 31st

I am participating in World Goth Fair this year, which is my first big event since coming back. The Event's Charity is S.O.P.H.I.E.

Read more about it at these various links:

All I can say in regards to this is that it could have been anyone, even me, so it is a cause to which I support wholeheartedly.

My Items at the event:

Unisex Mohawk/Petites Sizing included. There is a Limited Edition pack of this one which is a 100% Charity Item.

Unisex Demon Sets/Petites sizing included. These are Limited Editions just for this event, you wont be able to buy these colours ever again. Also these are 100% Charity Items.

 Female Mesh Tops/5 Sizes included. The theme for the fair was Twisted Playground. I thought these were perfect to go along with that. These patterns are just for the fair, so grab them while you can!

 Lastly are my gachas, which can be found at various places around the fair.

100% Charity Gacha - World Goth Fair Limited Editions/Exclusive(Never to be sold Again!)


50% Charity Gacha - World Goth Fair Limited Editions(Might see wing style in other colours down the road)

50% Charity Gacha - World Goth Fair Limited Editions/Exclusive(Never to be sold Again!)

I'm on the Cursed Sim, which is an adult sim, so be sure to get age verified. My Booth is number 10.

PS. Forgot the eyes!

They come with System/Legacy/Mesh/Petites. There are 4 event only colours, as well as a promo box with one special colour set for L$10. Enjoy testing out my new eye line before it gets officially released!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

For Aeva // Heartsick Benefit - May 1st to May 14th

Event - For Aeva Heartsick Fundraiser 
Duration - May 1st to May 14th 
Cause - To keep a fellow designer on the grid, who has no means to replace her dead computer 


This is the official press release:

The bad news came a few weeks ago and if you have been part of the Aeva Heartsick
group, you will have heard about Amesha’s computer slowly dying.

Being unable to afford a new computer due to physical and mental challenges that prevent her from working in the Real World, many have rallied around
her to help donate time and Lindens to making sure we don’t lose one of the kindest
and most talented people in Second Life today.

“For Aeva Heartsick” has been created on the strength of an idea bought about by the people who love Amesha and adore her work.. They do not want her to have to
leave Second Life and stop creating the skins that the have come to love.

Over 40 Creators have come together for the event! There is everything from
clothing to accessories to home and garden

Amesha has been spending time going to and from her parents house to use their
computer when she could so she would be able to offer new beautiful skins especially for the event also!

Creators are also taking part on the Marketplace by offering percentages of
their sales to Amesha for the length of the event.

Also Chimera Firecaster is giving 50% off on any item in her store to any person.  All they have to do is to purchase the item, drop her a notecard, and tell her that they bought the item for Amesha's benefit.  She will refund 50% of the purchase price directly to them, and the other 50% she will donate directly to Amesha benefit fund!

You can read more about the event @ the blog:

And view items that will be for sale @ the events flickr!

The event has also been featured in the SL Equirer!

If you have any questions please feel free to IM either Feather Fallen or
Tabith Faith who will be happy to help you!

Many thanks for your support!

Feather Fallen
Tabitha Faith
(For Aeva Heartsick Organisers)


It started as Burning Chrome, then there was Heartsick, until finally Aeva. Over the years there have been many products, such as demon hooves, needle mohawks, glowy belts, masks, shapes, skins and makeups. I have followed this store through all it's changes. I bought my first demon  hooves from this store.  

I decided to help my fellow designer, who has brought many creative creations to the grid over the years, and help raise enough money to help her to continue to do so. I understand not everyone agrees and believes in these events, there have been times in the past where something like this is organized, but is not legit, and people get leery of taking part.  Please believe I would never put my label/store in an event without researching the charity/fundraiser. I would never be a part of something I don't have faith in myself. I myself have been a fan of Amesha Jewell since her first store, Burning Chrome, and through all her various stores up to present. I would not want to lose the chance of enjoying the unique items she creates, This is why I am supporting her cause.

Here are my items that you will find at the event.

Universa - 50% Charity Item

UK Pompom - 50% Charity Item

Murder Clown - 50% Charity Item

Gothique Lace Tutus - 75% Charity Items

Darkness Eyes - 100% Charity Items

Nixie Sets - 50% Charity Items

Each item in my booth is either Limited Edition or Special Edition. Everything but Universa has a petites version. Get them while you can and help support a good cause!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Genre - Family/Unconditional Love Round

I have joined a newish Monthly Sales event called Genre. Each month has a new theme, which we, the designers, get to interpret to fit the style of our stores.

It starts April 15th and runs for a month. All items at the event are L$100 and under.

The Item above is what I have up for grabs, in the blue shown and also a pinky red colour. There are Adult and Child Versions available for purchase.

TP to Genre

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Flang - Unisex Wearable Texture Tester

This is the new Wearable Texture Tester now instore. The style is unisex and comes in petites sizing as well. Feel free to grab a pack for L$1, and test out some of the new colours!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Eye Release - Alien Eyes

My first new thing to 2013. These have been sitting in my inventory waiting to be released for a long time. I did have a few made for a hunt at one point, but other than that they have never hit the grid.

As always eyes are what I tend to learn my new skills on, when I take photoshop tutorials. Because of this they tend to be many different styles. These are a simplistic black based eye, but I do love the look.

In each pack you will receive one system eye, one black base system eye, legacy prim attachments in biggie and petites in two eye sizes and mesh attachments in two eye sizes.

The Basics come in 10 vibrant colours as well as one FREE wearable tester. Shown here is the Toxic Orange.

There are also 4 special colours just for my inworld group, for a special price of L$10 each. Remember to wear your group tag when you purchase from the vendor!

I also put 2 special colours into the newly revamped Aurora Vale 7Seas Fishing spot. I have been meaning to get the fishing spot back up and running for a bit now, so you will be seeing more there from now on. Both my sister an I love to fish, even if we don't get to do it often. Hope you enjoy our spot =)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I am plurking again, in case any of you are on there and want to follow!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Requests and Suggestions

I have made a nice little online Request/Suggestion form for the store.

It'll store all of them in one nice place for me to look at, that wont get eaten by SL(like all my fishing request sheets).

So was there anything you ever wanted me to make really badly? Fill out the form!

Was there a type of event, instore game, store gadget that you have wished to see in the store? Fill out the form!


Request/Suggestion Form


Friday, March 22, 2013

72% off Sale

I am gearing up for all sorts of new, so that means big changes to the store. I have been gone off and on for the last 2 years, but will now be back on a more constant basis.

What does this mean for you?


I will be updating the store, been working on mesh, and have many other things planned for the store.

I need to clear out all the old, update some, retire others. I can't really say what is staying, what is going, but anything that does come back will be in new colours(This does not include the petites room, the stuff in there is fine).

I have set the whole store to 72% off, 72 being my lucky number, so I thought to share my luck with you all!

So this includes all the hair, skins and even the petites items.

There are a few extra added bonuses too. I have 5 items set to L$1, L$5 and L$10. This includes the Hairs and Peties Room. I have 2 Skins at L$50. So for under L$200 you can take home some unique items to play with!

I also have the mysterious "Stringer" packs set to L$25. These include 8 randomly picks colours by me, each different for each hair.

Something I want to add, for the last past years I have had a bug to my Demos, The Jira for the bug never got enough vote to fix it, and my demo had been borked for a long time. I spent most of yesterday and today replacing all the prims in each hair that were causing the issue, so I have demos again! I didn't put them back on the vendor boards tho, so all the demos are in one huge bundle, just look to the ads for the name of the hair you want to try out. Demo boxes are all around the store, they aren't all that hard to miss.


Important Sale Note

I did not put a date on the poster. This is due to the fact that I will randomly be taking down items as they get updated or retired. I will keep everything in the store until the 31st of March for sure, then start taking things down as I go. That way you do have a chance at everything, without worrying about missing something. But if you are late, and come beyond March 31st, and something isn't there anymore, well now you know why =)