Friday, July 23, 2010

What's up Stringer?

***Press Release***

Helena Stringer, your ever faithful mohawk lovin lady, had had a bad go of 2009 and early 2010.

In real life her carbon-based lifeform was attempting to have another offspring. She lost 5 thru the year, thus causing issues with her iron levels. Exhausted all the time, she started not being able to handle the load she set for herself with her SL.

Sometime in October she got super sick. It was the time of the swine flu. But alas the answer was not so simple. Doctors had no clue what was wrong with her, it wasn't the dreaded piggly sickness. Over the course of a few weeks, she lost 40 pounds, was unable to eat anything, and her organs started to fail.

They sent off her tests to the University of Western Ontario, to be analyzed more thouroughly. In the meantime, her condition started to get worse.

Come the week before xmas, she was finally able to eat rice crispy cereal. You'd think this was a godsend, but after weeks of it, 4 times a day, it can make you sick just to look at it.

In the new year, they finally had some news for her. Seems that she was allergic to a chemical that was being sprayed on the fields around her house. As she was breathing in the corn dust in the fall, she had inhaled some of the offending spores. These spores had become toxic in her system, which lead to her Kidneys and Liver to stop functioning properly. Compounded with her already low iron levels, and then the fact that she could not eat as a side effect of the toxic allergic reaction, things just were not getting better.

Then . . .

She started to notice a lump, even with her having lost weight, in her belly region.

The Stringer was preggo.

The offspring on top of all the other stuff going on, was slowly eating Stringer from the inside out. First to go was all her muscle mass.

Luckily, before things got too crazy, they found out exactly what was up, gave her some meds, pumped her with some stuff in IV form.

Being watched closely, the condition of the baby was great, all things aside.

May 27th was suppose to be the happy day, sadly as with all things Stringer, events don't always go as planned.

Without making this report too long, there was a month of a mess with various doctors, and The Stringer went in to have her Baby Boy on the 30th of June(yes late, very late!). The one good thing about that was the fact that she ended up with a delivery doctor that looked like an ax murderer, rather the the doctor that looked like a deer caught in headlights, who also happened to be a baby dropper!


Now there was mention of the baby being a boy. They had said 90% chance.

Well it had funny parts when it popped out, didn't look right.



Shyanne Rose-Marie was born June 30th at 11:04pm(almost canada's day, tho we can still blow shit up for the birthday anyways). She was 9 pounds 5 ounces and 51cms long(20 inches).

The Stringer brought her lil spawn home, and had been caring for it over the past weeks. She did however have to go in for surgery due to 4 areas of hemorrhaging. She finally felt somewhat normal for the first time yesterday, after a long year of illness.

***End of Baby Blabbing***

What does this all mean to you?

Well The Stringer is back, gearing up for Hairfair 2010. She has many people to get back to, lots of notecards, lots of things she said she would do for you all, and hasn't.

So over the next few weeks she will be getting to all of these things, and start back to getting on a normal track of things.

Upcoming changes:

-release of 2010 hair textures
-New store build
-Annual Halloween Hunt
-3 year store anniversary

Just to name the biggies.

It's great to be back, looking forward to the rest of 2010, going to try to make it memorable to myself, so the last year doesn't feel like a waste.