Thursday, January 6, 2011

Year 2011!

So I'm officially back, as of Jan.6th 2011. I've been gone since October 29th 2010.

Again, due to my awesome body.

Another set of health issues. Normally that in itself would not keep me away from sl, but this has been a weird case.

If you care to know a bit about what was up here we go:

I started getting migraines with my first child, during pregnancy. Never had even headaches that much even. They were worse with the second pregnancy. Then I started having my left eye not totally black out, but my vision would go red. Could see lights and things, but not much else. It only ever happened when I'd get a really bad migraine, but those were happening more often.

One thing about them, I couldn't be on the computer, they just made them worse.

I went to get checked out, but they were not totally sure *Exactly* what it was.

I have to go get my head scanned in 2 weeks. They think I have some foreign mass of buildup, and when my head swells during the migraines, it pushes it on my optical nerves.

Anyways, I have conditioned myself to be able to come online again, cause I miss sl, so I'm back working starting today.

I'm sorry about my annual Halloween hunt, and missing the holidays and stuff. I'm planning on making up for some of that.

You'll see very soon an announcement for My *Very Merry Un-Halloweemas* (title in progress) Event, which will be in February. It'll be some sort of weird mix of Halloween and Winter Holidays, and somehow I'll make it work without it being The Cheese.

Groupies----> I'm sending you all the gifts from the annual Halloween hunt that didn't have halloween stuff all over them, which was about half of the products. So enjoy! it's a big ass box, it'll be in the Group Notices.

I will also be making an awesome gift to start you on your path in the new year!