Saturday, March 23, 2013

Requests and Suggestions

I have made a nice little online Request/Suggestion form for the store.

It'll store all of them in one nice place for me to look at, that wont get eaten by SL(like all my fishing request sheets).

So was there anything you ever wanted me to make really badly? Fill out the form!

Was there a type of event, instore game, store gadget that you have wished to see in the store? Fill out the form!


Request/Suggestion Form


Friday, March 22, 2013

72% off Sale

I am gearing up for all sorts of new, so that means big changes to the store. I have been gone off and on for the last 2 years, but will now be back on a more constant basis.

What does this mean for you?


I will be updating the store, been working on mesh, and have many other things planned for the store.

I need to clear out all the old, update some, retire others. I can't really say what is staying, what is going, but anything that does come back will be in new colours(This does not include the petites room, the stuff in there is fine).

I have set the whole store to 72% off, 72 being my lucky number, so I thought to share my luck with you all!

So this includes all the hair, skins and even the petites items.

There are a few extra added bonuses too. I have 5 items set to L$1, L$5 and L$10. This includes the Hairs and Peties Room. I have 2 Skins at L$50. So for under L$200 you can take home some unique items to play with!

I also have the mysterious "Stringer" packs set to L$25. These include 8 randomly picks colours by me, each different for each hair.

Something I want to add, for the last past years I have had a bug to my Demos, The Jira for the bug never got enough vote to fix it, and my demo had been borked for a long time. I spent most of yesterday and today replacing all the prims in each hair that were causing the issue, so I have demos again! I didn't put them back on the vendor boards tho, so all the demos are in one huge bundle, just look to the ads for the name of the hair you want to try out. Demo boxes are all around the store, they aren't all that hard to miss.


Important Sale Note

I did not put a date on the poster. This is due to the fact that I will randomly be taking down items as they get updated or retired. I will keep everything in the store until the 31st of March for sure, then start taking things down as I go. That way you do have a chance at everything, without worrying about missing something. But if you are late, and come beyond March 31st, and something isn't there anymore, well now you know why =)