Friday, August 28, 2009

Cosmic Traveller Dresses


My very first dress! There are many things that inspire my creations here in sl. I honestly don't totally know how this evolved. I was playing with textures for a project, trying to finish up shirts, and playing with shapes inworld, and this dress sort of popped out of all that soup.

I have a love of colours, so I transfered that into my spacey design.

There are 8 Dress colours in total. 6 you will find ready to buy in the store. Another will be in the Riot Vendor at the store until the next dress release, set to go as low as L$75. The Riot Vendor version is not transferable. The last is a Limited Edition Colour, only to be purchused on XStreet. Only 40 of them will be for sale, it'll let you see how many are left above the price. They are the same price as the instore dresses, just limited, and still transferable. The Megapack is 25% off and also has the matching hairs included, the ones shown in the ad. The dresses are transferable, the hair is not. If you want to gift the Megapack, please do so either thru me or Xstreet.


Cosmic Traveller~Riot Vendor Edition

Cosmic Traveller~Limited Edition

There is a Wearable Tester Demo inworld for L$1. It's sort of funny. The shirt is cool on it's own.

So come check them out, and bring a little cosmic colour to your personal collection.

Do you want shoes to match the dress colours? Duh! has Slip-on Clogs, and there is actually a colour to match every dress I made. The Clogs are only L$20 each colour, it's really a steal.

Renee Also made a special colour of her mosaic necklace, which matches the Riot Vender version of the dress. Also at Duh! for L$1.




For those nerds that want to know, here is the info of the Dress names. I always wonder why designers name things what they do, so here is what I named my dresses after. I wanted spacey terms, but also wanted to match up the colours to the different space features.

Space Terms

Analemma -- It sounds like it could be a name for a little girl. In reality, it is the figure-eight shape that the Sun traces in the sky if it were to be photographed at the same time every day for a year

Bolide -- Large, brilliant meteors that enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Friction between a fast-moving meteor and Earth’s air molecules generates tremendous heat, which causes the meteor to heat up, glow, and perhaps disintegrate. In some cases, the meteor literally explodes, leaving a visible cloud that dissipates slowly.

Catena -- Another word that sounds like a little girl's name. But it is a chain of craters on a planet or satellite.

Faculae -- Bright patches seen on the sun or planetary satellies. This term is usually connected to solar phenomena, however. Faculae occur in the photosphere and are hotter than the surrounding area. They precede sunspots that form in the same area and linger several weeks after the disappearance of the sunspot.

Lithosphere -- The solid part of a planet’s surface, composed of the crust and upper mantle. On Earth, it includes the continents and the sea floor.

Nova -- A binary star system (consisting of a white dwarf and a companion star) that rapidly brightens, then slowly fades back to normal.

Prominence -- An eruption of gas from the chromosphere of a star. Solar prominences are visible as part of the corona during a total solar eclipse. These eruptions occur above the Sun’s surface (photosphere), where gases are suspended in a loop, apparently by magnetic forces that arch upward into the solar corona and then return to the surface.

Void -- Simply put . . . nothing. Innsuffitient data has been received on space voids.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Textures are here!

So this is what I have been working on folks, my lovely new 2009 hair textures, to launch in September.

My new textures are a mix of my past 3 sets, taking the best parts, and mushing them all together. More depth, more shine, all around lovely textures. I also changed the tip length, so the tips will have more pow now.

These are my new "Natural" packs, more variety for you "normal" folks. I know I've been lacking in normal colours for you less adveturous, so hopefully this fills that void.

Monochromatics Pack

Ultra Lights Pack

Blondes Pack

Browns Pack

Reds Pack

Cherberry Pack

These are my new colourful packs.

Muted Rainbow Pack

Bright Rainbow Pack

Dark Rainbow Pack

Night Rainbow Pack

These are the new Natural Tipped packs, now with a blonde and white.

Blacks Tipped

Whites Tipped Pack

Blondes Tipped Pack

I'm also going to have a "Stringer" pack, which is a sampling of 8 of my fav textures, if your feeling adventurous. It will be different for each hair style.

I made a special set just for my fishing hole.

Seas Fishing Pack

These next 2 sets are just for Mini Hunts.

L.E. Roboshines Pack

L.E. Colour Bleeds Pack

There is also a Camo pack of 3 not shown here.

This next pack is for my Stringer Trading Card Program.

S.E. Nightshines Pack

There is also another pack, no shown here, with 4 special super shines.

Any other new packs made in the future will be featured here.