Saturday, November 14, 2009

Half Dead but Still Plugging

Ya this is your Demoness slowly turning dead zombie hair designer lady.

I'm not to the point where my eyes are falling out, or my horns are falling off, and I seem to have my whole tail intact still.

I did manage some stuffs for you this week.

Got 7 hairs this week.


*NEW* Pipoptical


Sort of like a space tube mohawk type thing. Inspired by my One-of-a-Kind hair made for Hairfair. Sort of fishlike, so you could be a space fish I'm sure.


In the Rain



*NEW-ish* Candy Mistress V2

Candy Mistress V2

By request, I've taken Cog Mistress and shortened the ponies on it, so instead of ankle length they are now ass length. I couldn't just stick the cogs back in, so you now got lollies.

*NEW-ish* Mistress V3


Also by request, someone wanted Cog Mistress with no danglies. So here is just the buns!

*NEW-ish* BAM!


This was a hair done up for The Stringer Shrine. I always thought it a bit vampy, so I reworked it a bit, and set it up for The Stringer Mausoleum in the lovely new colours. Now go get some blood.



As always, 3 colour packs of the new release hairs are set to 75% off. In the celebration of my new colours, all hairs above have this deal!

Yesterday was also a special day, I heard about it a bit late, but got on the band wagon anyways. Read more about it in my blog post here, and get some info on how to support the cause and get a very nice gift tattoo made by a talented friend of mine, Evangeline Schism.

Now I'm off to paint more pants, thats right, next week I got latex unisex pants for you all, based off the halloween ones!



Friday, October 23, 2009

2nd Annual Halloween Hunt is on!

It's that time of the year again.

The Stringer Mausoleum's 2nd Annual Halloween Hunt
Oct.23rd-Nov.8th 2009

The Stringer just got back from a space expidition, slaying space spiders on mars. She busted open her favorite after battle treat, Twizzlers, but sadly dropped the bag on the Aurora Isle sim on her way down from her Mothership.They rained down from the sky all over the sim. Now these aren't just any plain old Twizzlers, they are space demon Twizzlers, and hold a special gift in each. Why do you think The Stringer likes eating them?

Your mission?

Find as many as you can!

The Stringer Mausoleum has yet again this year asked a few other vendors to get in on the hunt.

So far in the Hunt:

The Stringer Mausoleum
C&D Designs
House of Ruin

Will update this notecard when more roll in.

Attached to this sign, as well as the example wearables, are the sizes of the Twizzlers you will be looking for. There are 4 types.

Black Twizzlers~Giftcards/Special Gifts(there are very few of these set out, normally one a day)
Blue Twizzlers~Mens Gifts
Green Twizzlers~Unisex Gifts
Red Twizzlers~Womens Gifts

This is a whole sim search. Also I am EBIL, people know this, the Twizzlers are small, they are hard, if you don't like hard hunts, don't bother, cause I don't need to see 20 IMs every morning with you guys being whiners. I do my personal hunts how I want, and this one actually isn't as bad as my past ones. All whiners will be autobanned. I don't have time for you. You think that is harsh, again don't bother coming. This hunt is for hunters, not freebie grab-and-dashers. I also don't like Cheaters. If I see people getting items in order on my screen, I will autoban you. If I catch people with scanners, I will Autoban you, Shocker! I provide a Hint List, so I will not answer questions about specific gifts, I also help in my Store group "Stringer's Followers-Info Group". I don't do invites to the group for hunts there are to many of you, you can find the group in my profile(Helena Stringer) easy enough right? No reason to be a lame ass cheater.

The gifts are set to L$0 or L$1. Only 1/3rd of them are set to L$0.

Any other info, feel free to ask.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phase 2 complete-Ultimate Hair Meltdown!

September Week 5-Phase 2 Complete . . .

That Demon from outerspace brings you humans and critters alike more hair, so much hair you are going to cry!

What is new to the 2009 Colour Launch?


*NEW* Hoodoo

This hair was a request by Isabeau Reinard, to go with an Witch Doctors outfit, also being released today, by Reasonable Desires. It is not the outfit in my ad. Anyways she came to me wanting something sort of witch doctory, and I sort of got this New Orleans highclass lady in my head, who weaves "Majik' you could not believe. Bones are a special part of their process, and this dear Hoodoo lady chooses birds as her medium.

*NEW-ish* Sacrifice

This was part of a hair released for hairfair 2008. The original, Yearly Sacrifice, was a limited edition hair, with a whole sacrificial headpiece. I've gotten many requests for this hair, over the year, and when new texture wer starting to roll in for this september, I was getting a few people asking if they could grab this hair in them. So I poled *most* of the buyers of the original, and they were not only willing, but wanting it in new colours aswell. To keep the other original, I did some fixes, changed how the texture sat on the hair(the old version had a more tribal feel) and knocked off the headpiece. I also gave it the shorter name.



*NEW* Sprout

Finally released after a teaser at Hairfair 2009 for Charity(there was a mini pack for L$1 and all proceeds went to charity), and a ffew requests, this hair is finally out. It's one I made just for me for the hey of it. It is odd for sure, I went to a party dressed up as alfalfa in it(giggle). Fully Sculpted, this will get you a few looks for sure. As a sort off incentive to be odd, I set the "Stringer" pack to L$1, and invite you all to take some picks, trow them up on my flickr group, and have a chance to win a Hair Voucher(basically you get to pick any one colour pack of any hair you want). Here is the Flickr link:

*NEW* Ruina V2

You can never have enough of Ruina, weither it be her eyes, her horns or hair inspired by her vision. When we hashed out the original idea for her hair, she drew me a picture, and I went with it, well Ruina #2 was sort of my take on it, and I figured leather is always a good thing, so these ties are all nicely worn in. As we really haven't taken the hair off till we loaded it in that vendor for you.

And yes guys, it is unisex, don't let the name throw you off.

*NEW* Tonic

This hair was a beta for Allegory actually. I felt that hair needed more "POW" and so I changed it up. I've had Tonic in my inventory, randomly giving out onesies every once in a while. As I was sorting hair, I looked at it, adn tweeked it, and said hey, no reason why this can't go out. It's the more mild, realistic version of Allegory. Shorter and more "Rounded".

*NEW-ish* Insanity

This hair wasn't out for very long the first time around. I released it, then moved to the sim, and found out I wasn't happy with the texture stretching. So I took it off the wall. It was up for redo, but I just never got to it. So when it came time for new textures, I could not resist.




So 14 hairs, for you to browse thru. As always, 3 colour packs of the new release hairs are set to 75% off. In the celebration of my new colours, all hairs above have this deal! I also did one other crazy thing! You want to just see what some of my new textures are like, but already have the Wearable texture testers?, Well I set all the "Stringer" Packs to L$25! They are each unique, as each is made up of 8 of my fav textures for that specific hair. So try something out! These deals will only last for the next 3 days.

I also finally got some of my new eyes out! No pics for you, but you can walk on down to the 2nd floor and check them out. I have once of each set to 1/2 off. Some as low as L$5.

"Futuristic Series" Digital Era Eyes-6
"Futuristic Series" Plasmatic Eyes-12
"Futuristic Series" Gazer Eyes-16
"Painted Series" Within Eyes-6
"Painted Series" Nymph Eyes-10
"Creature Series" Digi Eyes-12

The Pumpkin Prints hunt Starts tomorrow. I made a horn set, which is called "Don't Peck on me!" Horns. You'l see why when you wear them! hehe. Also a special eye in the same little pumpkin. Want some info? o to my hunt wall, and click on the poster.

Okay it is time for me to get back up to my space ship filled with Ozimal Bunnies. They are needy little bunnahs. Phase 3 of new hair textures should be coming shortly, tho I think next week will be for all you critters, new demon sets, horns, Bunnah parts, maybe some other random things.



Monday, September 28, 2009

Something Smells Fishy at The

Hey there!

I've enjoyed fishing for a long time now, my sister bought me a rod, in 2008 as a gift for surviving my first hairfair. We would go out and get silly fish and have them all over on ourself, it was great fun!

I was asked to make some fish for the Magic of Oz sim, and man did I have fun. Well a little while later I had lost to the sl gods all my fish, all my own customs I made, unreleased stuff I had for the sim opening, the whole bit. I was a bit discouraged. And stepped back from fishing.

Well I really really wanted fishing n the im.

Here are the plans, there will be 3 spots:

The Docks-Near Sim Landing Point

This will be where all custom fish will be caught. You'll find Fish made by Cherelle Capra and Helena Stringer here, as well as any other vendors that wish to create fishies for the sim. We have not to this date made any fishies for here, but are working on it.

The Pond-Up on the Mountain

This will be a spot mostly for The Stringer Mausoleum Products, as well as any other crazies that choose to set some customs out here. No custom Fish, but rotating actual product. There will be hair made specifically for this area, there will also be offered for a limited time, evey hair released, in a special "Seas" colour pack. After they are out of the server, they will be gone! so the only way to get the seas colours is to fish them out! I have Unisex, Mens and Womens hair allin there currently. I have eyes, wearables, female skins, and other random things in the works. These items are not tradable, as the hairs are no trans, and well most of my products are. There will be blueprinted items in the future, which I will make tradable(the parts and blueprint, not the end item). These store products are not going to e as easy to catch as the regular fish, there is this "Chance" thingy they have the servers set at. me and a friend did manage to get a few hairs within the test time, so it's not impossible. I do have some of the hairs set to comon, so even players fishing without bait can get some.

Now do you want to see the colours you can fish up? there are wearable testers near the pond, by the servers.

The Secluded Inlet-Behind C&D Designs, sort of

This spot does have special plans, we just don't know them all yet! So stay tuned!

So there we have it, I'm looking out for you! Now my last little bit of . . . whatever, do you guys want fishing checklists for the different spots?

I'll be finding seating as soon as possible, just got to do something that will go with my cemetery. For now you bitches have to stand! hahahahahah

Hope to see you there!

go by the tree near the top of the mountain, servers are there(Near House of Ruin and Designs of Darkness stores)
If you want some of my fish and rods, go here at Magic of Oz, my stuff is up in the swamp on the mountain, ya I like mountains!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I did It, 2 ways sidways from Sunday!

Cause it's monday!

Okay don't ask

Cause I wont tell


I finally got the Limited Edition hair sets on XStreet. I have them set between L$25 to L$100. They do have the Stringer Trading Points in the too, so you can continue collecting. They are already being bought up by browsers, so you might want to act fast, since there is a limited quantity of each.

Also, I've been contacted today by Fabulous Fashion TV and my hair is going to be feature on tonights Episode. Achariya Maktoum is doing a accessories Feature, and she choose my store to be one of the 4 she talks about tonight. The show starts at 6pm slt, but be a wee bit early, so you can set up your sound to hear it live.

I'll actually be there, so you can come sit by me and hang out.

I have a special gift for you all to pick up at the show.


-New Eyes out in store
-more hair Texturing for this weeks hair release
-Gearing up for Wed. New hunt! wicked gifty I made for it too!

That it darlings



*runs around naked, what to wear what to wear, at least I still got all my hair!*

Friday, September 11, 2009

New 2009 Hair Texture Launch!

Thats right, they are here!

I got 10 style ready for you. New ad style too!

2 are new, Ruina V1 which is a Unisex Style, even tho it's got a chic name, and Pincushion, a womens style, which you all have been bugging me about since HairFair. Both have 3 packs priced 75% off, as I always do for new Releases, this weekend only. The mini hunt wont be happening this time around, too many other hunts, too much lag on my sim. What I will do is put some limited edition packs up on XStreet in the next few days. These will be limited in quantity, as always.

You want to see all the new packs?

There they all are, so far, hehe.

Here are the hairs, in their new lovely ad styles.

New Unisex Style

Made from a Sketch done by my Friend Ruina. She wanted hair that was a mohawk, but without all the glue and pulled back with whispy bangs. I think it can go well with warrior dudes too.

New Womens Style

This one I did a bit ago, and people have been wanting it like mad. It's my first of a series. This series will be hairs inspired by everyday object in my house. This one being my pincusion by my sewing machine.

Newish Womens Style

This hair was a limited release, made to go with Blue Blood's Bandit outfits. I have now brought it out, and it's in all normal colours.

Newish Unisex Style

My Swangsong hair is finally home. You might have missed the special colours, and the special attachments, but you got these lovely new colours to play with.

Older hairs redone in the new textures:

I have 3 packs of each of these on for 75% off too, to celebrate the new colours. Alse, from now on, all MEGApacks come with a Gift Voucher, which will get you any ONE colour pack in any ONE stlye of your choice. It's sort of like my gift to you for getting a MEGApack. Customer Appreciation is where it is at!

Do you want to test out some of the new colours? do you want to see them on a totally wearable hair? Well grab a tester pack. It's sort of like a tester and cheapie combined.

All the new colours are on the bottom floor of the store. Tp'ers are down, I got to rescript them, so just come on down the stairs. I'll be having more of the older hairs pop out now till the end of the month, and will let you guys know when more are out. Once I get enough out to fill the first floor, I'll switch the old ones out. Till then you still can get them at reduced prices. Only the bottom floor is not on sale.

This weeks VIP Group member to win any one colour pack of one of the new Releases is:

Onyx Sciavo

Contact me with your choice.

This weeks Hippogroup members to win any one colour pack of one of the new Releases are:

Luxe Helendale
Phoenix Chiantelle
stray Darkwatch

Contact me with your choice.

I also have the new Stringer Trading Card program going into effect today. The whole store is slowly getting switched over, at least all products that are staying. It's a customer appreciation program just for you guys! I'll make up a notice later about it, once I have some special gifts made.

Okay so thats it for now!



Friday, August 28, 2009

Cosmic Traveller Dresses


My very first dress! There are many things that inspire my creations here in sl. I honestly don't totally know how this evolved. I was playing with textures for a project, trying to finish up shirts, and playing with shapes inworld, and this dress sort of popped out of all that soup.

I have a love of colours, so I transfered that into my spacey design.

There are 8 Dress colours in total. 6 you will find ready to buy in the store. Another will be in the Riot Vendor at the store until the next dress release, set to go as low as L$75. The Riot Vendor version is not transferable. The last is a Limited Edition Colour, only to be purchused on XStreet. Only 40 of them will be for sale, it'll let you see how many are left above the price. They are the same price as the instore dresses, just limited, and still transferable. The Megapack is 25% off and also has the matching hairs included, the ones shown in the ad. The dresses are transferable, the hair is not. If you want to gift the Megapack, please do so either thru me or Xstreet.


Cosmic Traveller~Riot Vendor Edition

Cosmic Traveller~Limited Edition

There is a Wearable Tester Demo inworld for L$1. It's sort of funny. The shirt is cool on it's own.

So come check them out, and bring a little cosmic colour to your personal collection.

Do you want shoes to match the dress colours? Duh! has Slip-on Clogs, and there is actually a colour to match every dress I made. The Clogs are only L$20 each colour, it's really a steal.

Renee Also made a special colour of her mosaic necklace, which matches the Riot Vender version of the dress. Also at Duh! for L$1.




For those nerds that want to know, here is the info of the Dress names. I always wonder why designers name things what they do, so here is what I named my dresses after. I wanted spacey terms, but also wanted to match up the colours to the different space features.

Space Terms

Analemma -- It sounds like it could be a name for a little girl. In reality, it is the figure-eight shape that the Sun traces in the sky if it were to be photographed at the same time every day for a year

Bolide -- Large, brilliant meteors that enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Friction between a fast-moving meteor and Earth’s air molecules generates tremendous heat, which causes the meteor to heat up, glow, and perhaps disintegrate. In some cases, the meteor literally explodes, leaving a visible cloud that dissipates slowly.

Catena -- Another word that sounds like a little girl's name. But it is a chain of craters on a planet or satellite.

Faculae -- Bright patches seen on the sun or planetary satellies. This term is usually connected to solar phenomena, however. Faculae occur in the photosphere and are hotter than the surrounding area. They precede sunspots that form in the same area and linger several weeks after the disappearance of the sunspot.

Lithosphere -- The solid part of a planet’s surface, composed of the crust and upper mantle. On Earth, it includes the continents and the sea floor.

Nova -- A binary star system (consisting of a white dwarf and a companion star) that rapidly brightens, then slowly fades back to normal.

Prominence -- An eruption of gas from the chromosphere of a star. Solar prominences are visible as part of the corona during a total solar eclipse. These eruptions occur above the Sun’s surface (photosphere), where gases are suspended in a loop, apparently by magnetic forces that arch upward into the solar corona and then return to the surface.

Void -- Simply put . . . nothing. Innsuffitient data has been received on space voids.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Textures are here!

So this is what I have been working on folks, my lovely new 2009 hair textures, to launch in September.

My new textures are a mix of my past 3 sets, taking the best parts, and mushing them all together. More depth, more shine, all around lovely textures. I also changed the tip length, so the tips will have more pow now.

These are my new "Natural" packs, more variety for you "normal" folks. I know I've been lacking in normal colours for you less adveturous, so hopefully this fills that void.

Monochromatics Pack

Ultra Lights Pack

Blondes Pack

Browns Pack

Reds Pack

Cherberry Pack

These are my new colourful packs.

Muted Rainbow Pack

Bright Rainbow Pack

Dark Rainbow Pack

Night Rainbow Pack

These are the new Natural Tipped packs, now with a blonde and white.

Blacks Tipped

Whites Tipped Pack

Blondes Tipped Pack

I'm also going to have a "Stringer" pack, which is a sampling of 8 of my fav textures, if your feeling adventurous. It will be different for each hair style.

I made a special set just for my fishing hole.

Seas Fishing Pack

These next 2 sets are just for Mini Hunts.

L.E. Roboshines Pack

L.E. Colour Bleeds Pack

There is also a Camo pack of 3 not shown here.

This next pack is for my Stringer Trading Card Program.

S.E. Nightshines Pack

There is also another pack, no shown here, with 4 special super shines.

Any other new packs made in the future will be featured here.