Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phase 2 complete-Ultimate Hair Meltdown!

September Week 5-Phase 2 Complete . . .

That Demon from outerspace brings you humans and critters alike more hair, so much hair you are going to cry!

What is new to the 2009 Colour Launch?


*NEW* Hoodoo

This hair was a request by Isabeau Reinard, to go with an Witch Doctors outfit, also being released today, by Reasonable Desires. It is not the outfit in my ad. Anyways she came to me wanting something sort of witch doctory, and I sort of got this New Orleans highclass lady in my head, who weaves "Majik' you could not believe. Bones are a special part of their process, and this dear Hoodoo lady chooses birds as her medium.

*NEW-ish* Sacrifice

This was part of a hair released for hairfair 2008. The original, Yearly Sacrifice, was a limited edition hair, with a whole sacrificial headpiece. I've gotten many requests for this hair, over the year, and when new texture wer starting to roll in for this september, I was getting a few people asking if they could grab this hair in them. So I poled *most* of the buyers of the original, and they were not only willing, but wanting it in new colours aswell. To keep the other original, I did some fixes, changed how the texture sat on the hair(the old version had a more tribal feel) and knocked off the headpiece. I also gave it the shorter name.



*NEW* Sprout

Finally released after a teaser at Hairfair 2009 for Charity(there was a mini pack for L$1 and all proceeds went to charity), and a ffew requests, this hair is finally out. It's one I made just for me for the hey of it. It is odd for sure, I went to a party dressed up as alfalfa in it(giggle). Fully Sculpted, this will get you a few looks for sure. As a sort off incentive to be odd, I set the "Stringer" pack to L$1, and invite you all to take some picks, trow them up on my flickr group, and have a chance to win a Hair Voucher(basically you get to pick any one colour pack of any hair you want). Here is the Flickr link:

*NEW* Ruina V2

You can never have enough of Ruina, weither it be her eyes, her horns or hair inspired by her vision. When we hashed out the original idea for her hair, she drew me a picture, and I went with it, well Ruina #2 was sort of my take on it, and I figured leather is always a good thing, so these ties are all nicely worn in. As we really haven't taken the hair off till we loaded it in that vendor for you.

And yes guys, it is unisex, don't let the name throw you off.

*NEW* Tonic

This hair was a beta for Allegory actually. I felt that hair needed more "POW" and so I changed it up. I've had Tonic in my inventory, randomly giving out onesies every once in a while. As I was sorting hair, I looked at it, adn tweeked it, and said hey, no reason why this can't go out. It's the more mild, realistic version of Allegory. Shorter and more "Rounded".

*NEW-ish* Insanity

This hair wasn't out for very long the first time around. I released it, then moved to the sim, and found out I wasn't happy with the texture stretching. So I took it off the wall. It was up for redo, but I just never got to it. So when it came time for new textures, I could not resist.




So 14 hairs, for you to browse thru. As always, 3 colour packs of the new release hairs are set to 75% off. In the celebration of my new colours, all hairs above have this deal! I also did one other crazy thing! You want to just see what some of my new textures are like, but already have the Wearable texture testers?, Well I set all the "Stringer" Packs to L$25! They are each unique, as each is made up of 8 of my fav textures for that specific hair. So try something out! These deals will only last for the next 3 days.

I also finally got some of my new eyes out! No pics for you, but you can walk on down to the 2nd floor and check them out. I have once of each set to 1/2 off. Some as low as L$5.

"Futuristic Series" Digital Era Eyes-6
"Futuristic Series" Plasmatic Eyes-12
"Futuristic Series" Gazer Eyes-16
"Painted Series" Within Eyes-6
"Painted Series" Nymph Eyes-10
"Creature Series" Digi Eyes-12

The Pumpkin Prints hunt Starts tomorrow. I made a horn set, which is called "Don't Peck on me!" Horns. You'l see why when you wear them! hehe. Also a special eye in the same little pumpkin. Want some info? o to my hunt wall, and click on the poster.

Okay it is time for me to get back up to my space ship filled with Ozimal Bunnies. They are needy little bunnahs. Phase 3 of new hair textures should be coming shortly, tho I think next week will be for all you critters, new demon sets, horns, Bunnah parts, maybe some other random things.



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