Friday, September 11, 2009

New 2009 Hair Texture Launch!

Thats right, they are here!

I got 10 style ready for you. New ad style too!

2 are new, Ruina V1 which is a Unisex Style, even tho it's got a chic name, and Pincushion, a womens style, which you all have been bugging me about since HairFair. Both have 3 packs priced 75% off, as I always do for new Releases, this weekend only. The mini hunt wont be happening this time around, too many other hunts, too much lag on my sim. What I will do is put some limited edition packs up on XStreet in the next few days. These will be limited in quantity, as always.

You want to see all the new packs?

There they all are, so far, hehe.

Here are the hairs, in their new lovely ad styles.

New Unisex Style

Made from a Sketch done by my Friend Ruina. She wanted hair that was a mohawk, but without all the glue and pulled back with whispy bangs. I think it can go well with warrior dudes too.

New Womens Style

This one I did a bit ago, and people have been wanting it like mad. It's my first of a series. This series will be hairs inspired by everyday object in my house. This one being my pincusion by my sewing machine.

Newish Womens Style

This hair was a limited release, made to go with Blue Blood's Bandit outfits. I have now brought it out, and it's in all normal colours.

Newish Unisex Style

My Swangsong hair is finally home. You might have missed the special colours, and the special attachments, but you got these lovely new colours to play with.

Older hairs redone in the new textures:

I have 3 packs of each of these on for 75% off too, to celebrate the new colours. Alse, from now on, all MEGApacks come with a Gift Voucher, which will get you any ONE colour pack in any ONE stlye of your choice. It's sort of like my gift to you for getting a MEGApack. Customer Appreciation is where it is at!

Do you want to test out some of the new colours? do you want to see them on a totally wearable hair? Well grab a tester pack. It's sort of like a tester and cheapie combined.

All the new colours are on the bottom floor of the store. Tp'ers are down, I got to rescript them, so just come on down the stairs. I'll be having more of the older hairs pop out now till the end of the month, and will let you guys know when more are out. Once I get enough out to fill the first floor, I'll switch the old ones out. Till then you still can get them at reduced prices. Only the bottom floor is not on sale.

This weeks VIP Group member to win any one colour pack of one of the new Releases is:

Onyx Sciavo

Contact me with your choice.

This weeks Hippogroup members to win any one colour pack of one of the new Releases are:

Luxe Helendale
Phoenix Chiantelle
stray Darkwatch

Contact me with your choice.

I also have the new Stringer Trading Card program going into effect today. The whole store is slowly getting switched over, at least all products that are staying. It's a customer appreciation program just for you guys! I'll make up a notice later about it, once I have some special gifts made.

Okay so thats it for now!



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