Monday, September 28, 2009

Something Smells Fishy at The

Hey there!

I've enjoyed fishing for a long time now, my sister bought me a rod, in 2008 as a gift for surviving my first hairfair. We would go out and get silly fish and have them all over on ourself, it was great fun!

I was asked to make some fish for the Magic of Oz sim, and man did I have fun. Well a little while later I had lost to the sl gods all my fish, all my own customs I made, unreleased stuff I had for the sim opening, the whole bit. I was a bit discouraged. And stepped back from fishing.

Well I really really wanted fishing n the im.

Here are the plans, there will be 3 spots:

The Docks-Near Sim Landing Point

This will be where all custom fish will be caught. You'll find Fish made by Cherelle Capra and Helena Stringer here, as well as any other vendors that wish to create fishies for the sim. We have not to this date made any fishies for here, but are working on it.

The Pond-Up on the Mountain

This will be a spot mostly for The Stringer Mausoleum Products, as well as any other crazies that choose to set some customs out here. No custom Fish, but rotating actual product. There will be hair made specifically for this area, there will also be offered for a limited time, evey hair released, in a special "Seas" colour pack. After they are out of the server, they will be gone! so the only way to get the seas colours is to fish them out! I have Unisex, Mens and Womens hair allin there currently. I have eyes, wearables, female skins, and other random things in the works. These items are not tradable, as the hairs are no trans, and well most of my products are. There will be blueprinted items in the future, which I will make tradable(the parts and blueprint, not the end item). These store products are not going to e as easy to catch as the regular fish, there is this "Chance" thingy they have the servers set at. me and a friend did manage to get a few hairs within the test time, so it's not impossible. I do have some of the hairs set to comon, so even players fishing without bait can get some.

Now do you want to see the colours you can fish up? there are wearable testers near the pond, by the servers.

The Secluded Inlet-Behind C&D Designs, sort of

This spot does have special plans, we just don't know them all yet! So stay tuned!

So there we have it, I'm looking out for you! Now my last little bit of . . . whatever, do you guys want fishing checklists for the different spots?

I'll be finding seating as soon as possible, just got to do something that will go with my cemetery. For now you bitches have to stand! hahahahahah

Hope to see you there!

go by the tree near the top of the mountain, servers are there(Near House of Ruin and Designs of Darkness stores)
If you want some of my fish and rods, go here at Magic of Oz, my stuff is up in the swamp on the mountain, ya I like mountains!

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