Friday, January 30, 2009

Kick me in the Butt Contest

Of sorts!

This isn't really a contest but more of a way for you to help me, but get free stuff in the process.

As I just said, I really want this blog to work, and to be happy with it. I need to keep it current, and really have a go at it. It just came to me that you guys can help.

Here's how this thing will go:

1) If you see a release, then come on the blog, and there is no New Release post, you send me a notecard to say " Hey Lady, get your fat ass in gear!" For your troubles you get a Free Hairpack of your choice, whatever style, whatever colour.

2) Once I log in or accept that notecard, I get 24 hours to do up a post. The only exception to this is weekends, I work in rl Sat. and Sun. so on those days It'll be by monday night if you don't see it. If by the end of the 24 hours(or monday night slt time, we'll say before midnight) I still don't have a post up, you get another Free Hairpack of your choice, whatever style, whatever colour.

This may seem silly, but after I have given out so much hair, maybe I'll get the idea that I need to get my ass in gear!

In a sense it's you helping me help you. And there is hair! But not in odd places, unless you want that, but thats a whole other post, hehe.

It Begins Again!

I decided to create a new store blog.


Simply put, I wa not happy with what was going on with the other one. I'm going to try a few different things here. My stories behind why I made products were always welcomed, but other then that, it was not personal enough for me. Didn't show who I am in relation to my products, and was very bland. Just sitting there really there. This made me not really want to take care of it.

After starting up the "Suddenly Seeking Stringer" blog with the models and a few friends, it really be came clear to me that I needed to take some of that to the store blog. I want it to be a place where people go, not just to view new releases, but also to enjoy a little story, a little fun, a little Helena style!

So hopefully this ends up working out the way I want it to.