Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unicorns Unite!

There have been strange going ons in sl the last few weeks.

There are reports coming from all corners of sl. There is a war going on. A war being waged by by people against a minority here in sl. This minority is the Unicorns. You always here about nekos, vampires, furries. But not the poor little unicorns. They just wanted a home to call their own. It just so happens they want it called "Sparkle Village" and are converting the series of sims into unicorn sex islands.

You can learn more about it at these 2 blogs



So what does that have to do with us? The Devotees of The Stringer.

Well here is our tale . . .

The Followers of Stringer are a devote group, secluded in a world so grand, that they have reverted to their base instincts, and have become more savage. The only thing they brought with them was their deities. Little did the people know that The Stringer was indeed all of them(That is another tale for another day). One of the said deities was a Unicorn.

So when the call came out for supporters, the tribe could do nothing but come out of seclusion, don their mohawks and protect all that is glittery.

We even watched their backs as they . . . well you see the picture.

Ready for action, any action, they were surprised to see people just milling about with signs. This is the way war is waged now? Signs?

At least these guys got it right.

Kiss Kiss.

The Unicorns are out in good numbers. You'll see them out and about the sims. No prizes for spotting them tho.

Even the other creatures on the sim have adopted the way of the unicorn, sporting horns as support.

Still what is this all to you? We are recruiting more followers, and we need you! Go to my store, get my gifts i made to go with some of the other great gifts at the Starlust Motel *cough* Sparkle Village.

I made starter horns, and a special colouring of Preen, a mohawk originally based off of a horses mane. It seemed fitting. The Hair matches Katat0nik's free dress that is at the motel lobby. My items you can get at my mainstore. Your my followers, you know where my store is.


that is where you want to go for all the other great items being given out.

View More on this in my next posts on:


Thursday, March 12, 2009

By Request!

So I'm uber late getting this all out tonight. But I did get it all done, so there is newness.

The Draw for this week

Inworld Group-Changed this to 1, since there are so little of you!

Mystical Snook


Cryssie Carver
Kitty Otoole
Synergy Pro

So you guys get to pink any ONE item, in any ONE colourpack of the new releases.

New Items

I've been making eyes this week, partly due to my phoneline being out. Obviously it's back up, and I managed to upload a set!

1 of them is set for L$5 for the first 24hours

By popular request, I present Volant in some more shades. Didn't think the twisted hunt tiem would be loved that much, but it has been getting some play. I decided to do something different with it. You can either buy Copy only or Trans only Versions. The Trans 0nes are a wee bit more(due to there being almost 2 whole sets in there because of all the different attachements). So it becomes your choice, you can buy them copy only at a discount or Trans only and be able to pass them on.

There is a wearable demo, it was the beta I played with before texturing. If you like Plain black shiney things then this is for you! hehe.

I also wanted a colour to match my one skin I have, so I turned that special one into a deal of the week. Only L$45, what a catch.

75% off the colours that are in the ad, but of the copy only versions.

I got to get to bed, but the first batch of the mini hunt items are out. there are 3 special eyes and 10 special Volant sets. The eyes are set to L$10. The Volant demon parts some in 2 types, the ones that are L$25 are just the plain horns and tails, Transfer only. The L$50 ones are the full set(so pierced ones too), Transfer only. There are 1-10 of each eye, so you'll be getting one of only ten on the grid!There are 1-5 of each demon set, so same thing, one of only 5 of that colouration!

There are 1-10 of each eye, so you'll be getting one of only ten on the grid!
There are 1-5 of each demon set, so same thing, one of only 5 of that colouration!

I'll set the other 4 batches out tomorrow.

Other News:

Twisted hunt-Still going on
I have added a Hint Cube of Hell, so when I move my little bugger, you at least have a updated hint.

Deal of the Week-Quill
75% off for the week, one set for L$10

Pink Sale-in celebration of anti Bully day in canada, I set every pink hairpack for L$25.
Green Sale-For all you who still need that green hair for St.Patties, every Green pack is L$25 aswell.
This does not include any Rezzable hairs.
Only at mainstore.

New Stores
I lost one of my fav locations this week, but gained 2 new ones. I have one at nomine now, and am building one on the new Sn@tch sim-Sn@tch City! Have no clue what these will have for special stuff yet, but I'll try to get some of the shrine hairs out for sure.

7seas is one years old! I have made some customs for the event. They will be at the Magic of Oz fishing hole. The event starts tomorrow. More info Here: http://www.7seasfishing.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=226

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twisted hunt for a Twisted Stringer!

The organizers of this hunt claimed there were too many for the cute and cuddly. Time we did some grid wide massacre. I was all up for that shit!

Here is the official blog:http://twisted.darketernity.org/
Here is the flickr group(to look at the goodies):http://www.flickr.com/groups/1068832@N22/
Here is the Blog that is covering the hunt:http://littlemisshater.blogspot.com/

I always like to try different stuff, and I feel you get good feedback from hunts, when people quit whining.

OMG it's a hunt, I actually have to hunt for stuff? They aren't going to have arrows?

Nuff said.

So this is what I did up. It's a demon set, so horns and tail. Plus I threw in a hair to match, that works well with the horns. The horns and tail come in all sorts of attachment points, so you don't have to fight with your other spots. I also have 2 versions of each item. The mohawk is a special texture to match, that you can't buy. I also made a shiny version, that matches the horns even more. With the demon parts you can choose from just plain or a embellished version. It has piercings and skulls.

I'm #70. I don't make these thing obvious, if they say I can really hide it. Since this is a twisted hunt, they were all for my wicked ways, so good luck. I move it at least very day, since we were told to, but sometimes a few more times then that. So don't be counting on cheatsheets you nancy boys!

To start the hunt, just click on my kiosk at the store, you'll get all the info you need. Thee is even a group that you can ask for hints in, and I do help out, cause I do have human tendencies some days.


So come join me, get demonic!

My ass got kicked!

I decided last wednesday to see if I would get caught, if I didn't do the release post. Well it took a bit, but someone did get me!

Jynx Dragonash was the one who caught me. WTF am I talking about? My Kick me in the Butt Contest

I'm going to have a raffle type thing for new releases. A few of the groups I'm in have them, and it's fun. So basically I'll pick 3 names randomly, and those people will get to chose what they want from the new releases. I'll do 3 for my Inworld group and 3 for my Subscriber group.

This week the Inworld Group winners are:

Crank Magic
Rose Zeffirelli
Xantheon Halberstadt

This week the Hippogroup winners are:

Brianna Brimm
Juelia Denimore
SheSkull Vlodovic

They get to pick any one pack from the new releases.

Maybe once I have enough blog followers I'll do a draw for you too!

So the New Release:


This hair was a challenge from a customer. All the challenge stipulated was that I use the same prim, over and over. So basically once I picked my shape, size and cuts, I had to stick with it. I was super impressed by how it turned out.


I wanted an uber slim hawk. I just thought it would be nifty to have fine strands waving about. Once started, it almost formed a wave. I chose Pencil for the name, cause well, it's as thin as a pencil!

Sorry dudes, I totally forgot to man out, so only chickies on the pics! I'll fix it later.

Hanging out at the Magic of Oz sim. There are many great places to take pics here.

Hair-Penicl in Rock Green
Skin by Trap
Outfit by Deviance
Eyes by House of Ruin
Snake by Mooby's