Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My ass got kicked!

I decided last wednesday to see if I would get caught, if I didn't do the release post. Well it took a bit, but someone did get me!

Jynx Dragonash was the one who caught me. WTF am I talking about? My Kick me in the Butt Contest

I'm going to have a raffle type thing for new releases. A few of the groups I'm in have them, and it's fun. So basically I'll pick 3 names randomly, and those people will get to chose what they want from the new releases. I'll do 3 for my Inworld group and 3 for my Subscriber group.

This week the Inworld Group winners are:

Crank Magic
Rose Zeffirelli
Xantheon Halberstadt

This week the Hippogroup winners are:

Brianna Brimm
Juelia Denimore
SheSkull Vlodovic

They get to pick any one pack from the new releases.

Maybe once I have enough blog followers I'll do a draw for you too!

So the New Release:


This hair was a challenge from a customer. All the challenge stipulated was that I use the same prim, over and over. So basically once I picked my shape, size and cuts, I had to stick with it. I was super impressed by how it turned out.


I wanted an uber slim hawk. I just thought it would be nifty to have fine strands waving about. Once started, it almost formed a wave. I chose Pencil for the name, cause well, it's as thin as a pencil!

Sorry dudes, I totally forgot to man out, so only chickies on the pics! I'll fix it later.

Hanging out at the Magic of Oz sim. There are many great places to take pics here.

Hair-Penicl in Rock Green
Skin by Trap
Outfit by Deviance
Eyes by House of Ruin
Snake by Mooby's

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