Thursday, March 12, 2009

By Request!

So I'm uber late getting this all out tonight. But I did get it all done, so there is newness.

The Draw for this week

Inworld Group-Changed this to 1, since there are so little of you!

Mystical Snook


Cryssie Carver
Kitty Otoole
Synergy Pro

So you guys get to pink any ONE item, in any ONE colourpack of the new releases.

New Items

I've been making eyes this week, partly due to my phoneline being out. Obviously it's back up, and I managed to upload a set!

1 of them is set for L$5 for the first 24hours

By popular request, I present Volant in some more shades. Didn't think the twisted hunt tiem would be loved that much, but it has been getting some play. I decided to do something different with it. You can either buy Copy only or Trans only Versions. The Trans 0nes are a wee bit more(due to there being almost 2 whole sets in there because of all the different attachements). So it becomes your choice, you can buy them copy only at a discount or Trans only and be able to pass them on.

There is a wearable demo, it was the beta I played with before texturing. If you like Plain black shiney things then this is for you! hehe.

I also wanted a colour to match my one skin I have, so I turned that special one into a deal of the week. Only L$45, what a catch.

75% off the colours that are in the ad, but of the copy only versions.

I got to get to bed, but the first batch of the mini hunt items are out. there are 3 special eyes and 10 special Volant sets. The eyes are set to L$10. The Volant demon parts some in 2 types, the ones that are L$25 are just the plain horns and tails, Transfer only. The L$50 ones are the full set(so pierced ones too), Transfer only. There are 1-10 of each eye, so you'll be getting one of only ten on the grid!There are 1-5 of each demon set, so same thing, one of only 5 of that colouration!

There are 1-10 of each eye, so you'll be getting one of only ten on the grid!
There are 1-5 of each demon set, so same thing, one of only 5 of that colouration!

I'll set the other 4 batches out tomorrow.

Other News:

Twisted hunt-Still going on
I have added a Hint Cube of Hell, so when I move my little bugger, you at least have a updated hint.

Deal of the Week-Quill
75% off for the week, one set for L$10

Pink Sale-in celebration of anti Bully day in canada, I set every pink hairpack for L$25.
Green Sale-For all you who still need that green hair for St.Patties, every Green pack is L$25 aswell.
This does not include any Rezzable hairs.
Only at mainstore.

New Stores
I lost one of my fav locations this week, but gained 2 new ones. I have one at nomine now, and am building one on the new Sn@tch sim-Sn@tch City! Have no clue what these will have for special stuff yet, but I'll try to get some of the shrine hairs out for sure.

7seas is one years old! I have made some customs for the event. They will be at the Magic of Oz fishing hole. The event starts tomorrow. More info Here:

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