Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twisted hunt for a Twisted Stringer!

The organizers of this hunt claimed there were too many for the cute and cuddly. Time we did some grid wide massacre. I was all up for that shit!

Here is the official blog:http://twisted.darketernity.org/
Here is the flickr group(to look at the goodies):http://www.flickr.com/groups/1068832@N22/
Here is the Blog that is covering the hunt:http://littlemisshater.blogspot.com/

I always like to try different stuff, and I feel you get good feedback from hunts, when people quit whining.

OMG it's a hunt, I actually have to hunt for stuff? They aren't going to have arrows?

Nuff said.

So this is what I did up. It's a demon set, so horns and tail. Plus I threw in a hair to match, that works well with the horns. The horns and tail come in all sorts of attachment points, so you don't have to fight with your other spots. I also have 2 versions of each item. The mohawk is a special texture to match, that you can't buy. I also made a shiny version, that matches the horns even more. With the demon parts you can choose from just plain or a embellished version. It has piercings and skulls.

I'm #70. I don't make these thing obvious, if they say I can really hide it. Since this is a twisted hunt, they were all for my wicked ways, so good luck. I move it at least very day, since we were told to, but sometimes a few more times then that. So don't be counting on cheatsheets you nancy boys!

To start the hunt, just click on my kiosk at the store, you'll get all the info you need. Thee is even a group that you can ask for hints in, and I do help out, cause I do have human tendencies some days.


So come join me, get demonic!

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