Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unicorns Unite!

There have been strange going ons in sl the last few weeks.

There are reports coming from all corners of sl. There is a war going on. A war being waged by by people against a minority here in sl. This minority is the Unicorns. You always here about nekos, vampires, furries. But not the poor little unicorns. They just wanted a home to call their own. It just so happens they want it called "Sparkle Village" and are converting the series of sims into unicorn sex islands.

You can learn more about it at these 2 blogs



So what does that have to do with us? The Devotees of The Stringer.

Well here is our tale . . .

The Followers of Stringer are a devote group, secluded in a world so grand, that they have reverted to their base instincts, and have become more savage. The only thing they brought with them was their deities. Little did the people know that The Stringer was indeed all of them(That is another tale for another day). One of the said deities was a Unicorn.

So when the call came out for supporters, the tribe could do nothing but come out of seclusion, don their mohawks and protect all that is glittery.

We even watched their backs as they . . . well you see the picture.

Ready for action, any action, they were surprised to see people just milling about with signs. This is the way war is waged now? Signs?

At least these guys got it right.

Kiss Kiss.

The Unicorns are out in good numbers. You'll see them out and about the sims. No prizes for spotting them tho.

Even the other creatures on the sim have adopted the way of the unicorn, sporting horns as support.

Still what is this all to you? We are recruiting more followers, and we need you! Go to my store, get my gifts i made to go with some of the other great gifts at the Starlust Motel *cough* Sparkle Village.

I made starter horns, and a special colouring of Preen, a mohawk originally based off of a horses mane. It seemed fitting. The Hair matches Katat0nik's free dress that is at the motel lobby. My items you can get at my mainstore. Your my followers, you know where my store is.


that is where you want to go for all the other great items being given out.

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