Thursday, April 9, 2009

April Showers bring . . .

New Snazzy mohawks!

But more on that in a bit.

This Releases draw winners are:

Inworld Group

Belochka Shostakovich


Willow Fairey
Rewbe Mulberry
Kurathra Ametza

They get to pick any ONE item, in any ONE colourpack of the new releases.

And here is is! A unisex hair. You get to see my new ad style. I'm updating cause well I've had the old ones for a bit, and I like to change things up.

In the Rain was simply inspired by just that, the rain. I was thinking about what a mohawk would look like in the rain, after all the glue started to bleed out.

I feel it turned out beyond what I originally planned for this hair. To me it seems like a hair everyone can were, it's not as extreme and I can picture all sorts of avi's in it.

As always 75% off the hair packs depicted in the ad for the first 24hours. Since now there are only 2 avi's in the ads, I'll randomly select one other pack, to keep it at 3.

Release Mini Hunt

With my new releases, I put out special packs hidden in the store. There are only ever 5 of each pack. Some are single colours, some are full packs. These are all textures that have been made for some reason, but aren't sold with my regular packs. The singles this week are L$25 and the full packs(6-8 hair textures) are L$75. They are original, so please pick up after you grab them.

I updated a oldie that was out only for a month or so way back in may last year. She is only L$1 per colour, and right now in the group there is a 5 colour pack!

I decided to put out some of my funky recolours I make for my personal use, in some lucky boards. These I randomly do up, and never sell. So they are not only special editions, but also limited editions, cause they will only be in the board, till I put something else in there.

So come try your luck!

Deal of the Week


75% off all packs
50% off Mega pack
one random pack down to only L$10!

"Inspired by Crimson Shadow" items sale

I know this has been going on for a wee bit, but I keep forgetting to talk about it, so this is the last week. Then these go back up to normal price. All packs are 50% off.

Get on down to the store!

More news soon, there are a few things coming up. I'm probably going to post my oz fishies up on the blog tomorrow, for those of you that want to see them, and the new fishie ideas contesty thingy.

I'll leave you with some pics of me, in the new release!

Hair-In the Rain-Mini Hunt Colour-Red Shine
Skin from {Frick}
Eyes from House of Ruin
Outfit from Weird Designs
Tutu from a place that isn't around(sorries!)
Boots from Wrong(was a group gift)

I tend to keep my looks simple, I don't have time to find the perfect earrings or bangles. I do do that for events, but my everyday just me being me, I try to look as good as I can, with a minimal amount of primmage.

Till next time!


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