Monday, May 11, 2009

Bubu-a project I've been working on

I want to start to show you guys some of the stuff I have on the go. Now this one is almost all done, but I still thought I would share.

Bubu is a project started by Logan Skytower. He explained that it was inspired by the concept of the Munny dolls. Achariya Maktoum apparently contacted Logan to contact me, and that's how I got on this project. Sl has been crap, so it took me a bit longer to start this then I wanted.

The Basic concept of the Project:

You go to the BUBU mainstore, get your Babu kit, so far the price is said to be set at L$250.

Inside you get a bunch of stuff.

-Bubu Avi(comes in preset Blank Babu Skin)
-Bubu AO
-Bubu Pose Stand
-3 skin Sparycans-Blank Bubu, Guidelines Bubu and Free Angry Monkey Skin
-Bubu Doll
-Bubu Skins Kit(Templates, Bakes and empty Spraycan)

The basic concept of this little dude is simply to have fun and customize him however you want. It can be anything. All the tools needed to make your own skins are there for you to go off and get started. The Bubu mainstore will have skins you can by, the price so far has been set to about L$100 for each skin. so you can by them, or make your own. Logan has no issues to you selling your skins, just make sure people know they need to get the avi from his store. You can't sell that, as it's no trans.

How do you change your skin? It's really cool actually, your skins come in spraycans. You set it out inworld, click it, and get sprayed! Your skin changes in the process, so you can change him however many times you like.

Logan gave a few of us designers the kit to sort of test, and to help launch the project. I'm okay at making textures, but not too hot at the airbrushing, so I opted to make my dude had attachments. He is my little swamp critter!

Babu Project-My Babu-Swampy

This was my work in progress shot this morning, I have since completed him(just not the spraycan).

Here is his first adventure!

A Bubu is born . . .


a Babu is born

He sits and takes in his new world

He has tentacles!

He has little wiggly Tentacles!

He sees this critter

He looks up . . .

Way Up . . .

Are you my daddy?

Are you my Daddy?

He finds a strange place

He ventures off, and find a rather strange place.

What is that up there?

Full of even Stranger Critters.

What is a Swampy Bubu to do? Where can he find more like him?

Stay tuned!

The New Black Eyes

So here you can see I fixed his eyes, they are more black now, I used black on the other one, but who knows what happened!

The tentative launch for Bubu is May 16th, so coming up this saturday! I posted on Plurk what other sorts of colours I should do.

So far the list is Orange, Red and Purple, as well as my store colour, the Swampy Green.

What I propose here, is a sort of little contest.

List the colours you would like to see him in. Name the colours something to do with a swamp like creature.

I'll show you an example with mine:

Bubu Swampy in Mausoleum Green

Another Example would be:

Bubu Swampy in Mucky Orange(YAY! Daarc came up with that one)

You can choose multiple colours, multiple names. What I'm going to do for you is give you prizes!

So here is how it will go:

In comments on this blogpost type these things:

Your SL Account Name(please make sure you type this right, or I can't send you your prize!)
You list of colour/name combos

I'll have this going on until Wed. May 13th at 11:59pm. That's when I'll Pick the winners, and get going on the colours. May 14th I'll list the winners on this blog, and to my inworld groups.

The Prizes?

All winners will receive the Bubu Swampy Spraycan and parts to go with the official Babu(Which they will have to buy, sorry I can't give him to you! I didn't make him, I just made the Swampy Skin). They will win them in the said colours of their post(if I pick more then one, they get more then one).

Other Prizes:

1 avi will win First Prize of:
-Get to Bubu Swampy in Mausoleum Green, Get to pick 2 other colours, and get your colour(s) that I picked
-Get a L$500 Store giftcard(not valid for any of the Rezzable hairs, if you need me to list them, I will)

1 avi will win Second Prize of:
-Get to Bubu Swampy in Mausoleum Green, Get to pick 1 other colour, and get your colour(s) that I picked -Get a L$350 Store giftcard(not valid for any of the Rezzable hairs, if you need me to list them, I will)

2 avi's will win Third Prize of:
-Get to Bubu Swampy in Mausoleum Green and get your colour(s) that I picked
-Get a L$200 Store giftcard(not valid for any of the Rezzable hairs, if you need me to list them, I will)

I'll be making more Bubu Skins, cause I really like the idea of it. Each one will have this sort of Contest I think, cause I like the idea of it as well! It may just help me with my photoshopping too!

Have fun!



  1. Stymied Ennui @ Second LifeMay 11, 2009 at 5:14 PM

    SL Avatar Name: Stymied Ennui

    color names:
    Bubu Swampy in My Name Is Mud (brown)
    Bubu Swampy in Murky (blue)
    Bubu Swampy in Cthulhu Companion (green)
    Bubu Swampy in Waterlogged (blue)
    Bubu Swampy in Drowned (blue)
    Bubu Swampy in Compost (green brown)

  2. Aww BuBu's adorable!

    Calypso Halostar

    BuBu in Swamp Zombie (Pale Green)
    BuBu in Southern Bayou (Orange Red)
    BuBu in Mississippi Mud Devil (Reddish Brown)

  3. Terry Toland

    Bubu Swampy in Monster Catfish (gray-brown)
    Bubu Swampy in Crawfish Stew (red-orange)
    Bubu Swampy in Cypress Grove (white)
    Bubu Swampy in Milkweed Bud (lilac/purple)
    Bubu Swampy in Mothman Suit (silver)

    Yeah, it was hard to not just think about Bayou food and go from there. :P

  4. PurevilDarkelf BulanMay 11, 2009 at 6:44 PM

    SL Name PurevilDarkelf Bulan:

    BuBu Swampy in gaseous sunset [firey orange red]
    Bubu Swampy in twilight nausea [purplish blue]
    Bubu in Post Mortem Swim [pale blue-like death]
    Bubu Swampy in Bogmarsh [green-yellow]
    Bubu Swampy in Mummified [brownish yellow]
    Bubu Swampy in Tennesee Whiskey [deep brown color]
    Bubu Swampy in Caymen [scaley green ]

    [if i come up with more can i list more? ]

  5. Yes you guys can list more, make as many as you want! it's supose to be a fun thing, and the names are sounding so good!

    Keep it up!

  6. Belochka ShostakovichMay 11, 2009 at 7:05 PM

    SL name Belochka Shostakovich.

    Yays the pics, the little tentacles are soo cute. :)

    I only have one suggestion (so not as good as the others). Bubu in Swamp Fire - methane blue with black and purple.

  7. SL Name: Atriel Starbrook

    Babu Swampy in putrid puce (reddish brown)
    Babu Swampy in mushroom mire (greenish yellow)
    Babu Swampy in mucky mushroom(greenish yellow)
    Babu Swampy in motley kelp (green with brown spots)

  8. Stymied Ennui @ Second LifeMay 12, 2009 at 8:09 AM

    SL Avatar Name: Stymied Ennui

    More names!

    Babu Swampy in Cree in the Water Nipihk (brown and blue) (Nipihk is Cree Native American)
    Babu Swampy in Mississippi Swamp (blue)
    Babu Swampy in Brackish (brown black and blue)
    Babu Swampy in Shrek (ogre green)
    Babu Swampy in Wetland (brown and blue)
    Babu Swampy in Peat (brown)
    Babu Swampy in Bog (brown)
    Babu Swampy in Quagmire (brown black and blue)
    Babu Swampy in Topographical Madness (splatters of bunches of colors)
    Babu Swampy in Drained (black and blue)
    Babu Swampy in Everglades (green)
    Babu Swampy in Okefenokee (green)
    Babu Swampy in Great Dismal (green)

  9. Shylah OceanlaneMay 12, 2009 at 9:35 AM

    Shylah Oceanlane says:
    Bubu swampy in Cyberlicious Blue
    Bubu Swampy in Toxygenic green
    Bubu Swampy in Carbonated Orange
    Bubu Swampy in Acid devil red
    Bubu Swampy in Boiling Bog (mucky brown)
    Bubu Swampy in Putrification (murky green)
    Bubu Swampy in Earthquake (splitin to two colors of green and brown)
    Bubu Swampy in Black Lagoon (black)
    Bubu Swampy in Hot Molten Lava (red/orange mix)

  10. Shylah OceanlaneMay 12, 2009 at 9:37 AM

    By the way, Swampy is sooo adorable.

  11. Oh, oh, I have some more-

    Terry Toland

    Bubu Swampy in Squeal Like a Piggy (pink)
    Bubu Swampy in Winter Stuck in the Mud (pink and brown)
    Bubu Swampy in Winter Eaten by an Alligator (pink and green)

    Yeah, I know I'm special. :P

  12. ohhh that is so cute!! -wants-

  13. Thanks Ivey and Achariya!

    I had fun romping around Snatch City in him.

    Thanks to all who participated, I'm picking colours right now!