Friday, May 22, 2009

New Avi--->New Life

They are here!

[BUBU] Launches today!

I've been raving about these little dudes for a bit now. Well now is your chance, the store is finally open!

Seen above is my set of special skins for the avatars.

From Left to Right

[BUBU] Swampy in Mausoleum Green-Limited Edition-L$100
[BUBU] Swampy in Gaseous Sunset-L$100
[BUBU] Swampy in Black Lagoon-L$100
[BUBU] Swampy in WEBAA-L$100
[BUBU] Swampy in Swamp Fire-L$100
[BUBU] Swampy in Mucky Orange-L$100

My skins you can get here at Magic of Oz.

Back Story for those who don't know . . .

I was contacted by Logan Skytower a few months back, to help him with his concept he was doing on a new avatar for Second Life. I instantly fell in love with the little guy, even tho he was just in a blank state.

What was my part to play?

I was asked to play around and make some custom skins for the little critter.

So now that I have a new love in sl, my very own little [BUBU], I wish to share them with you!
I don't sell the actual avatar, that is all Logan's, what you can get from me is skins! so basically you want different looks, you need different skins. Just like with a normal humanoid avi.

What do you have to do?

-Go to Logan's store
-Buy a [Bubu], they cost L$250
-Browse around, grab some skins!
-COME GET MY SKINS! NOW! * smiles sweetly*

I really do like the idea of these. I find them adorable too. So I'm going to be doing more content. The idea so far, since my first went so well, is once I have the design made, I'll hold a contest for more colours. Each [BUBU] will have 6 colours. Mine, one a friend picks(cause they be special) and 4 that are from the contest colours I pick out. I'll do a 2 special colour of each, one for Midnight Madness, one for a [BUBU] Lucky Chair or for my soon-to-be-built 7Seas fishing spot! These plans will come into effect in June sometime. I'm going to do at least one [BUBU] a month. More if time permits.

Now for another little contest of sorts!

I got my idea for my next [BUBU] skin set--->SteamPunk Cog Monster. But I thought, not everyone will want to make skins themselves, but may have a really cool idea! So why don't you tell me what your ULTIMATE [BUBU] would be?

Prize-Once I've made it, you'll get the whole darn set of them!

What do you have to do?

In comments, write your SL avatar name, and your idea. Don't worry about colours, that's a whole another contest. That one will happen once I got it made!

I'm excited to see what you come up with!



  1. Weee, thanks Helena! I do have an idea, but I'm afraid of seriously botching it.

    SL Avatar Name: Terry Toland

    Idea: BUBU Cuppycake
    (Yeah, I know, my food fetish is coming out again :P) Basically, a BUBU dressed up in sugary decor and colors with a blog of icing on top (probably prim?) for hair.

    Idea II: BUBU Unicorn
    Ok, while thinking about Cuppycake and what you've already offered in bright colors, I remembered your awesome sparkle-fest mohawks. This would essentially be a BUBU with some (cloven?) hooves that are either painted on in the texture or made by prims for for the limbs (I'm thinking maybe prims for bottom, texture for hands) on top of some basic skin colors like white and black (gotta' have a black unicorn), a lion-like (or horse, I guess...) tail, a tricked out TSM mane, and a horn. Maybe the horns could be of variable length.

    Yeah... I like sugar. >_>;

  2. Such a cute little thing! Here are a couple ideas I have:

    SL Avatar Name: Leilani Muircastle

    Idea 1: BUBU Kiss
    Little Bubu's based off the band Kiss' characters. IDK, it might be cute :)

    Idea 2: BUBU Clown
    Cute little prim clown noses and fun wigs with adorable painted faces. I love clowns :)

  3. looks like the Munny cutomizables.