Monday, June 1, 2009

A Hair for an Eye Contest

I thought I'd help a friend out with a little contest!

What does this mean for you? Why free hairs of course!

Ruina Kessel has been a great fan to start off with. She was always so enthused by my creations. Well then she became my model for the store (one of a few that have stayed on). She has put as much effort into being there for me as my own sister, and that says alot (if you know me and my sissy poo, we are super close, unlike most siblings). She makes wonderful photo art with my items, and in turn she one day surprised me. She opened (or re-opened I should say) a shop. What did she have there? EYES! Alas the poor girl did not know that I am an eye WHORE! So I bought a few up. Well, she continued to release wonderful creations, and I have also been lucky enough to get exclusives, eyes made just for me as gifts, and even one named for me! I do still buy a few every week, you sort of have to keep going to the store to keep up! Her creations have also rekindled my demon spirit, so now I'm letting it out way more. I say fuck it, even when I'm all gussied up, I just throw one a pair of ][][][House of Ruin][][][ eyes, and people just stare in awe. Or run, after seeing the gleam in my eyes, and the quick lick of the lips. MMMMM Dinner.

In Ruina's Flickr group she made a sort of plea to her fans there to put some art in the group, so she could have an art flipper in the store. This is cool shit yo! The only issue is there are only 6 of us in the group! So I make a plee to you my friends/fans, to help us out!

Direct insert from ][][][House of Ruin][][][ on Flickr

"Let's try this again, shall we? ;D

I have a picture changer up in the store for the sole purpose of showing off people wearing my creations. And, while I suffer from the standard forms of SL vanity, I'd really like it if the images weren't all of just me :P ... So I am asking you, would you like to help?

First of all, what will happen to the pictures I choose to use:

I will crop them down, touch them up, and format them so that they fit in the changer and look as best as they can. I have a template that includes writing which the picture will be plugged into. I will also post the final formatted image in my flickr (with credits, of course!) and possibly my shop blog (once it's up and running). If you will not allow me to do these things, do not submit your image.

Secondly, the criteria your picture needs to meet for me to choose it:

1. You MUST be wearing a House of Ruin item (duh!). If you aren't sure if it qualifies, you can look at the item name - it should have a tag at the beginning of it like these:

][ . Ruin . ][
][][][ Ruin ][][][

2. The absolute minimum size that your image can be is 800 x 600. Larger is much preferred, and size may play a big role in whether I choose to use your image. This is because I will likely need to crop the image down, and it's much easier if I have room to work with.

3. The image MUST clearly show the House of Ruin item(s) you are wearing (for example, for eyes, the image really needs to be a head shot).

4. Please please please credit the other items you are wearing and the photographer if it wasn't you. I will also need your full SL name, so be sure it is somewhere if it isn't your Flickr name. I use this information in my template.

Thirdly, other things you need to know:

- The House of Ruin item(s) used in the image CAN be a freebie or a hunt item or a group gift.

- The image can be in any format that I can open, but keep in mind, I will only pick images that are clean and clear. So, low quality jpegs are probably not a good idea.

- I reserve the right to not use an image, and to stop using an image that I have used before, without a stated reason.

- I also reserve the right to use images that were not submitted to the group or this project, but that I have been granted permission to use.

- You can submit images to me via Flickr, via notecard in SL (just drop it on my profile: Ruina Kessel), and via email (

And last, but most definitely NOT least ...

Helena Stringer of the Stringer Mausoleum & Shrine, my very dear friend and a wonderful designer, is offering a little contest of sorts to help out! What's in it for you? FREE HAIR! So go pick up the information from the posters next to the picture changer at House of Ruin!


Mens Hair

Something fun I made. It comes in Black with green camo patterned headband.

Basically, every person that enters a valid photo will get the hair, it's really that simple! I did a prize for either sex, but you can only pick one, so if you ladies want the men's pack thats fine, but you can't re-enter to get the female one, sorry! It just would not be fair to the dudes!

Okay so here is what you need to do to make your pictures valid.

1) Go to ][][][House of Ruin][][][

Mainstore: House of Ruin

XStreet: It's in the works of being filled

2) Buy the shlits! Grab up some awesome freebs too.

3) Take those headshots! Please make sure all snaps are high rez and a moderately bigger size. This will make it more workable.

4) Join the ][][][House of Ruin][][][ on Flickr

5) Add your wonderful pics!

What will be considered Valid for the Contest

-All pics that feature ][][][House of Ruin][][][ eyes that are of the purchasable kind. So basically to get my hairs you got to buy some shlits! They are eyes, they are priced in a range that everyone can deal with, so suck it up why don't you!

You can enter in entries that are of the freebie eyes, group gifts, or hunt items, but they will only be used if picked for Ruina's Picture Changer. They will not be eligable for the Hairs for my Contest.

-All Contest pics must clearly show the eyes as main focus of the picture to be eligable. Headshots are what we want people!

-All Contest pics have to be tagged with the following tags:

][][][House of Ruin][][][
A Hair for an Eye Contest

-in the description you must put which eye you are modeling

For those of you that may not want a Flickr account(tho it's free) you can send in your entries the good old fashioned way. On a notecard do the following:

Title the card "A Hair for an Eye Contest- your name here"

Add pics you have taken and have uploaded to sl
under each state the eye which you are wearing

What I'll do with this is upload your picture to the group under my account, but credit you as model/photographer, and everything else to make it a valid entry. (I'm Helena Stringer, hehe).

By entering the contest, you are giving us the right to use your picture for whatever store purpose we may need. So this means it might get use for static posters as well. Also by entering you are agreeing that we may mod your photo, like adding a black border, maybe your name and such.

I'll be checking on the group, looking at valid entries, and then contacting you by flickr mail. I'll be asking you which hair you want, then I'll send it inworld.

My contest by no means means you will get picked for the picture changer. You are going to get the hair tho, as long as you have followed the posting rules exactly.

So get cracking why don't you!

Helena Stringer
Sponsering ][][][House of Ruin][][][ for this Contest

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