Friday, June 5, 2009

HairFair 2008 Items on Sale!

I've decided as a pre HairFair 2009, that i would set all my HairFair 2008 hairs on sale for 1/2 off. You'll only find these savings at the new Mainstore, on Aurora Vale. Allegory is up on the Unisex wall, I made it super beam, so you'll see it, it's freaking NEON!

I haven't updated the rest of the hairs to the new vendor ads, so they are all in the back "Specialty" Room. I set the backers to white, so they stand out.

Now Yearly Sacrifice was a Limited Edition, due to the themed Headpiece. I've gotten a lot of requests for it recently, seeing as for some reason I've chosen to wear it a lot. *Shrugs Shoulders*

I'm going to take a vote from you guys. Would you like to see this style back, simply called Sacrifice, without the headpiece? For those of you who bought it, do you think this is fair? since it wasn't the hair, but the Headpiece that was the real special edition part?

Please Write in comments, your thought on this matter. A simple Yes or No will do, if you want to type more, that is fine as well.

So the hairs are all set and ready to go out the door!

Find them at Aurora Vale.

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