Friday, June 5, 2009

Vendor Support Month

Vendor Support Month has already started!

It's a whole month where a select group of designers, ranging in all fields, not just fashion, offer a quality item at L$10.

The official list of participating designers can be found here.

I did both a male and female gift. They are both previews of things to come.

My new Rainbow Skins Line! A sampling of 8 of the 16 tones.

My clothing line, OMFG clothing. Yes I'm trying a hand at it. First up is in my line of clothing is this shirt for the men. I'm very excited to be doing clothing, I've been putting it off for so long due to my suckage at the airbrushing. The skins have helped me out with that, as well as a few other tools, so yay!

You can get these at the brand spanking new mainstore! 3 floors of terror! Well not terror, maybe just for me cause I got to fill it all now!
Come on down to Aurora Vale.

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