Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Woeful Wednesday-Week 9

Woeful Whiskers tickle when kissed.

Kitty Kaikai Knitted Mowwy Hats

Someone sent me a link to these RL mohawk hats. I got a pattern and was going to start making on for my 3 month old daughter for winter. Then I was like dude, I have to have these in sl. So ya that is where it came from.

This set was made special just for ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday October 6th thru to Tuesday October 12th for a price of L$50. These Hats will eventaully be sold, in different texturing. I threw in the hair in the ad for good measure.

Get it this Wednesday at my store inwolrd at:

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Hunt of the Living Dead

Yellow Jester presents the Hunt of the Living Dead - a grid-wide treasure hunt organized to help you prepare for the impending zombie apocalypse. You'll find everything you need from zombie skins and survival tools to death, murder, carnage and brains. Hunt of the Living Dead features items created by some of the freakishly talented designers and builders in Second Life. Join other survivors and seek strength in numbers, or stalk the last remaining humans from October 1 - 31.

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I'm #24. This is a short hunt, I'd suggest you start from the start, it only took me 2 hours to complete, and that was with the grid being a douche!

Want to see my lovelies?

The Legend of The Hellfire DiseaseMongers

From the Depths of hell comes a creature born of the heat of eternal flames. As with most demons, once summoned they will carry out your desire, but with a price.

The DiseaseMongers hunt your undead with a sadistic pleasure that only their kind can exibit. They get the job done, but at what price?

After they have had their fill and fun, and have wiped clean the population of undead, you had better be ready, cause they are coming for you!

So here it is!

Unisex set


-Horns on all 3 attachment Points
-Hair that matches horns
-Bonus for women only, or dudes with small hands-Size 20 Finger Claws

Original Hint-Not all Brains Stick together, but you never know

***Hunt object moves, so hint will not be the same all thru the month, check the hints blog for updates***