Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let me take over your hump day!

Did you know that today is my favorite day of the week?

It always has been.

So I've decided that Wednesdays will be my new release day from now on. If I don't make it the one week, everything will come out the next. I'll try to always have some sort of something, I really need to get back in the grove.

Anyways, a few reminders of what I do on my release days, for you new people, and a few new things I'm going to try.

75% off packs-I've always had for the first 24 hours of a new release, all colours shown in my ad, for 75% off. Eg. I am wearing blonde, blue and pink in the ad, so those whole packs will be 75% off.

New Ideas:

I'm going to have a raffle type thing for new releases. A few of the groups I'm in have them, and it's fun. So basically I'll pick 3 names randomly, and those people will get to chose what they want from the new releases. I'll do 3 for my Inworld group and 3 for my Subscriber group.

I'm going to have a deal of the week from now on. The deal of the week will be 75% off all packs and 1/2 off the Mega pack. One random colour will also be set to L$10. If you know me at all you'll know it'll be something funky.

I'm going to have a mini hunt for Special Edition textures of the new releases every week. Details on that will be from a week to week basis. I'll only let 5 of each out, they will be set to original, so please pick them back up. They will be for a small fee, some free, and I'll set them out at different times. Feel free to ask me if any are left. Mini hunts go on till the next release.

Any other ideas you may have for fun things I can do, just let me know.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have had some great models, some have stayed, some have left, for the most part it's been good, and a learning experience as a whole. As the store grows, and clients/customers/fans need more info, I need more help.

So I shout out to you all, I need your little booties in my store looking your best! Been wanting an sl job? well it'll be an intresting one, I swear, well most days at least, hehe!

So you want me as a boss? or are thinking of it.

Well just fill out the answers to the questions below, put it in a notecard, title it with:

(your name)-Wanabe Stringer Model 2009

Then put it in my application box. Or pass it on to me!(Helena Stringer)

Okay on to the "rules" per say.

I am going to take on a few new residents, but not too many. If you are over 30 days, I'll help you become more presentable, so that you can be up to par, and be in the store.

I'm looking for people with a more crazy style, to go with the majority of my stuff! I will need a few Shrine models, so the girly girly will go there. I do need some male models as well!

So back to crazy style, they include:

punk, goth, cyberpunk, steampunk(the dirtier version), grunge, ravers, demons, fantasy, fairy, s&m, and the list goes on. You have seen what I make, hopefully, if you are applying, so you know what I go for. If you have a great personality, and don't mind being my doll, I can help you out, with bringing together a wardrobe. I sadly don't make clothing :( or I would cloth you too!

I am looking for people who are serious about wanting a job, not just wanting free stuff. I need people that can take orders, and will be responsible enough to contact me.

I need 2 group slots out of your 25, since you must be in both the model group to recieve your release items, and the normal group, just to keep track of news, so you can help customers.

I'm looking for models for the store, not ads. I don't deal with ad models, cause for me it's too much time out of my day. When I need to do ads, I need to do them quickly. So sorry about that, but if thats what you thought this was for, just move on, I can't take you.

It's also live store models to be exact. I need you online for lets say 2/3rds of your shifts. I don't mind afk modeling, if you want to leave your girl on while you sleep. But I do need you online for some part of the shifts. eg. 5 hour shift, you would need to be online for at least 1.5 hours. More details on this is accepted.

Also there is a sort of pay system, here is how it goes:

Month 1-3-probation period
-much like real life, I'll be watching, talking, getting to know you, see your work ethic and a feel for what you want out of this job. You'll be paid in product. more on that system after your application is acepted.

Month 4 and on-long term model
-after you have shown you really want this, and have fallen in love with the job, you'l start to get paid in lindens. There is a punch in type system, and you get paid while in a certain range of it. Mean you can walk around, help customers, whathaveyou.

There are other ways to do work for the store aswell, after being with us for a bit, we'll see where your talents lie, and try to incorperate those in with what we got going on. I'll help with any learning needed.

Sooooo . . .


Full avitar name:
SL Gender:
Rez Date:
Reason you want me as a boss:
Are you over 18(RL age)Yes or No is fine:
Can you be in a mature sim(Lindens have comfermed age):
Are you comfortable modeling skins:
Hours Available(specific days with specific hours, in sl time):
Hours a week you'd be willing to give me:
Picture(if you have one, or Flickr link, or website/blog):
Do you have lag issues often:

Thanks for you interest!

Helena Stringer

Monday, February 23, 2009

A contest of sorts!

or survey

or prize thingy

Whatever you want to call it!

Okay so basically if you have never heard of 7seas, it's a sl game where people fish for prizes. There is mostly fish, but you can get other things, like boats and clothing. 7seas has allowed people that host fishing spots to make special fish to give out for gifts too. I have been asked to make some special fishies for a certain fishing hole. Now this has been fun, cause I've been making the fish I want. But I thought it would be cool to make the dream fish for someone else. I've also been working on some crazy fishing gear to win too, like poles, hats and other odd bits. So here is what I want you to do. Simply make a notecard inworld, name this card: Stringer Fishy Idea - Your Name Here, with your name in the "Your Name Here" spot. Then fill in the rest below. After that's done, send it to me(Helena Stringer).

I Want your IDEAS!

What would be your dream fish?(this one can even be cutie, I'm cool with that)
eg. mine was a spider fish

Would it have special features?
eg. I wanted it to be in both glow and non glow

Would you want certain colours?
eg. I wanted lots of colours! cause I'm nutty like that!

Now if you could have some sort of deranged fish, what would it be?
eg. I making me a swamp thingy of some sort

What sort of other fishy stuff would you like to get as prizes?
eg. Hair with fishing hooks, hats with lures, fishing rods with eyeballs, the list could be so long!

You can put as many ideas as you want down. If I use it, or even parts of it, I'll send you them, it was your idea after all!

Your prize once complete will be one of my Japanese Fighting Spiderfish!

Thanks for the help!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The total so far . . .

but just for my store!

I just added the totals:

Generous customers-L$6,050
Myself inworld-L$1,033
Myself outworld-$50(roughly L$13,250 in Canadian dollars)

So the toatally total TOTAL as of right now is L$20,333.

Thanks guys for helping out, and I'll keep checking and donating as the weeks go on.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fighting Fire with FIRE!

You may have already started to see all the notices popping up about whats happening in australia. You may know people in sl that live there, or have heard about the tragedy on the news. I myself know more then a few people that live there, and even know one fellow designer, he grew up in one of the towns that is now wiped off the map. To think you could never go back, relive your first kiss, your first bike related booboo down in the park, your first messy icecream cone . . .

Also there are lives that have been snuffed out, and many others that have nothing. A boy clings to a photo, all he has left. A mother cries for the loss of a husband. A elderly lady cries for the loss of her friend, a cat named Fuggles.

It has always amazed me what we seem to be able to do here in sl, cause here there is no countries, no waters seperating our many nations. We rise up to help our friends, if they be furry, alien, demon, doll . . .

More info on the rl event here :,27574,25023335-1243,00.html

Autumn Hykova & Dakota Buck have started a charity avatar named Victoria Farshore. All 4 of my items will have full proceeds going to this avi. All the monies collected will be passed on to the Red Cross. I've read that they allow you to chose where the money goes specifially, so thats what the girls are doing, designating it to the Bushfire Relief.

To donate directly please visit this site:

So I have made a few things, to help out those in need.

I've got 4 items for the charity. Tho at first I was like what am I thinking, people are going to be mad at this fire theme I did, I then said, hey lets fight fire with fire. So show a little love, buy something flamey, and help out in a time of need.

I'm also donating 5% of my daily earnings in sl to Victoria Farshore at the start of each new day. I was contacted yesterday so that started as of then. So even if you buy a regular item, you are still helping in some way.

And as of right now, Hairspray, the all hair sim that I just recently got a store on, is donating this weeks rental fee to the charity as well, so I just paid! Thats another L$500 down!

These wings come in 2 version, open and closed. The open are depicted in the photo. They have 2 attachment points, spine and chest.

This was a hair requested by my Aussie Friend Winter back in September of last year. I decided to make this and a few others in a fire texture, in honour of my bud.

As you may see, I wear nothing, this is to reflect those who have no clothing, but that on their backs.

There will also be a little kiosk, you can donate directly there, any little bit helps.

Get my items at my mainstore:


Monday, February 9, 2009

Greatest Love Hunt sponsered by Katlene Niven Agency

I told you I was in more hunts!

I couldn't get this post out this weekend, as most of my fans know, thats when I work in rl, and often times am pooped. So a few days late, but hope you all get out there and grabs some good goodies!

I made these wings to match the Vain Inc. Hunt item I made, which is the hair you see in the ad. I had all sorts of ideas on what to make for this season. I was going to be all anti vday. But I just went all cute somehow. I must find the wench that bespelled me!

The name may see confusing a bit. There are no springs I know, but in rl the dollar store in town has those head bobby heart things. They are on springs. So it just made sense in some way to me. I'm most likely on crack.

For more info on the hunt, here is the official website:
Want to come nab my giftie? here is where it's at:
You can get your starter info at the sign I got up by the door.
Hope you all enjoy your holidays!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Stinger Mausoleum visits a whole other type of Tomb

Kakakue Yohikawa and Nicky Ree posing in front of the runway

I know, missed the show eh? It's fine, these ones are really hard to get into, plus, the sim itself is really the showstopper, so come on by and explore!

What am I rambling about? Here so more info:

Rezzable and Nocturne Modelling Agency present the Digital Alchemy fashion show. Designs inspired by ancient Egypt, Friday, Feb 6th 2pm SLT.

The participating designers are:

Ivey Deschanel - SN@TCH
Digit Darkes - Digit Darkes
Helena Stringer - The Stringer Mausoleum
Machang Pichot - Aoharu
Hart Larsson - PXL
Draconic Lioncourt - Draconic Kiss
Sofia London - lurveBite
Candy Cerveau - Eye Candy
Vooner Voom - Vooner
Nicky Ree - Designing Nicky Ree
Shai Delacroix - Casa del Shai
Violet Morellet - Inorite
Kakaue Yoshikawa - Kakaue shoes
Ghanima Uriza - Blue Blood
SySy Chapman - SySy
Kira Paderborn - Corrupted Innocence
Kavar Cleanslate - Exile
Kuja Akina - The Obscene Skins
Caroline Apollo - Caroline's Jewelry
Missallsunday lemon - wasabi pills
Cherelle Capra - C&D Designs
Avagardner Kungler - Kunglers
Tabitha Ninetails- Laughing Academy
Layja Vidor- Exxess

Available exclusively at King's Rezzable

The project was created to introduce the SL public to creative fashions, architecture and artifact designs inspired by ancient egypt and all walks of life ranging peasants to pharaohs and give some insight as to their culture. It's a place to discover and explore while taking in all the beautiful sights and designs made for everyone to view with many for purchase. The event will last one month, starting Feb 6th, 2009, and there will be two public fashion shows and various events in the days during.

I always love doing these Rezzable things! The first one I had the luck to be in was the "Inspired by Crimson Shadow" Event. Then they asked me back for "Winter Magic" the third event based on the original "Inspired by Black Swan". I was pleasantly surprised when asked to be a part of a special sim opening event "Inspired by Ancient Egypt ".

If you know anything about me as a designer, or even just as a girl who likes to go to events, you'll know I LOVE themed things. These Rezzable events always have a certain theme, something to set that spark of imagination, for designer and event hopper alike. It wasn't hard this time. Who doesn't know a little something about the history of Egypt. In Canada, it's mandatory in our education system to learn about certain aspects of the history of egypt. In highschool there is a whole course on Egypt in 4th year as a History Credit. So I have always been exposed to it.

It was nice when I first got the notecard of the event, that is said we could mix both past and present times in one. What could be better then letting your imagination fly?

So here are my contributions, each with it's own magic, myths and mystery. Enjoy and let a little History invade your hearts!

Kamenwati in egyptian means "Rebel Warrior". The vision of this hair was for a Warrior or special guard of sorts, but one not to be messed with. The hair may be done in dreads, but it isn't anything you would see on the history channel. Comes with a royal scarabs tattooed version.

Khepri in egyptian means "Scarab Beetle". Also known as one of the major gods, it eventually turned into a common womens name among the royal of birth name in the 5th dynasty. So scarabs she has in her hair, as well as the sense of royal stature. Royal Scarabs Attachment(Sold Separately) made to go with the hair by Cherelle Capra of C&D Designs. There is also Scarab cuffs to match, thus completing your look.

I also started making dual tone hairs as special giveaways back with the first Rezzable event I did. These became popular to those lucky enough to get them. With this event I decided to make an event only dual colour set of Khepri, for everyone to enjoy for a limited time. Since there are ten special hairs in one pack, it was hard to show all the loveliness in the ad. You can View more detailed pics on my flickr, of all sides of these special hair colouration. Here is the link:

Royal Scarabs made to go with Khepri. There are 7 different beetles. They come in two attachment types, one which has 2 scarabs on the front and back of the hairfan, one which has three with the extra scarab on the side of the hair. Each type of attachment comes with 3 attachment points: Chin, Mouth and Nose. You can buy separate colours or get them in a Megapack.

Cherelle also made Armlets to match the Scarabs she did for my hair. She has them as an event gift, so if you want them, you better nab them while you can!

I also have a gift out, I'll be showing a snap of the one item in the pics down below.

All furniture in above pictures are Cherelle Capra's contribution to the event. The stuff she made for me was a bonus, hehe. The wings are one of my gifts, I called the Sphinx wings. Not traditional sphinx wings, but I can only contort fractals so much, like come on! My skins I'm wearing for my female avi are the Wasabi Pills skins, they are to die for.
So come on down and get your mummy on!

Grid Wide "Kissed" Hunt sponsered by Vain Inc.

Well you know me, can't resist a good hunt! So this is the first of a few this month, that I am in. To learn more about the hunt, like who is in it, where to start, check out the link HERE! I am number 8 in the hunt, but at the big poster in the store near my stripper poles(yes me has stripper poles!), you'll find the starter kiss, which will send you to the start. You can get to the store HERE!

So for this hunt I wanted a male and female item. I didn't really want to do the whole "holiday" thing, but somehow my vision got changed around a bit.

For the mens, I would not say this is exactly classic Valentines. I actually made this back in October, but never set it out for anything. I was trying to figure out what to do for the guys that didn't have hearts and shit all over, and remembered about this gem.

I'm not a skin maker by any means, I just do random stuff. So this isn't perfect, but still looks cool dressed all up. Hope you guys at least enjoy the effort.

I was planning on bringing home my "Winter Magic" items soon, and remembered a request a customer wanted. She loved the hair, but thought it would be nice to have a version with a bun. Now I have been planning on making a set of the hairbows from the original, to fit with every month, since the original has snowflakes on it. So I started with torturing the hair, and brainstorming the different themes for each month. Well it didn't take long to figure out that people would want hearts for February. The original hair doodad could not really fit on the bun, so I just made something sort of new, and added the same bows with new textures.

The original hair was called "Wrapped" so the bun version I had the fancy idea of naming "Unwrapped". I know, I'm the cheese!

For someone not so hot on the holiday(I really just don't like pink!) I do love this hair. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have over the last few days.

Guess who was the first to receive it? Nicky Ree! So have heart you might be wearing the same shit as she.

My little mini shoot for you! I just loved the dress too much!

Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-8th kisser on the hunt

Skin-Bianca F
Dress-Phoenix Rising

P.S. I really didn't hide this one hard, the lips are so big, your really can't do much to get them out of site. It's a funny spot where I put them tho, hope you get a laugh. Oh and the store is blue, so that helps even more since the are beaming RED. Both mens and womens are in one, so just one items to find! If you come to me whining about not being able to find it, you shouldn't be hunting! Have a good one. H ***