Monday, February 23, 2009

A contest of sorts!

or survey

or prize thingy

Whatever you want to call it!

Okay so basically if you have never heard of 7seas, it's a sl game where people fish for prizes. There is mostly fish, but you can get other things, like boats and clothing. 7seas has allowed people that host fishing spots to make special fish to give out for gifts too. I have been asked to make some special fishies for a certain fishing hole. Now this has been fun, cause I've been making the fish I want. But I thought it would be cool to make the dream fish for someone else. I've also been working on some crazy fishing gear to win too, like poles, hats and other odd bits. So here is what I want you to do. Simply make a notecard inworld, name this card: Stringer Fishy Idea - Your Name Here, with your name in the "Your Name Here" spot. Then fill in the rest below. After that's done, send it to me(Helena Stringer).

I Want your IDEAS!

What would be your dream fish?(this one can even be cutie, I'm cool with that)
eg. mine was a spider fish

Would it have special features?
eg. I wanted it to be in both glow and non glow

Would you want certain colours?
eg. I wanted lots of colours! cause I'm nutty like that!

Now if you could have some sort of deranged fish, what would it be?
eg. I making me a swamp thingy of some sort

What sort of other fishy stuff would you like to get as prizes?
eg. Hair with fishing hooks, hats with lures, fishing rods with eyeballs, the list could be so long!

You can put as many ideas as you want down. If I use it, or even parts of it, I'll send you them, it was your idea after all!

Your prize once complete will be one of my Japanese Fighting Spiderfish!

Thanks for the help!


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