Friday, February 6, 2009

The Stinger Mausoleum visits a whole other type of Tomb

Kakakue Yohikawa and Nicky Ree posing in front of the runway

I know, missed the show eh? It's fine, these ones are really hard to get into, plus, the sim itself is really the showstopper, so come on by and explore!

What am I rambling about? Here so more info:

Rezzable and Nocturne Modelling Agency present the Digital Alchemy fashion show. Designs inspired by ancient Egypt, Friday, Feb 6th 2pm SLT.

The participating designers are:

Ivey Deschanel - SN@TCH
Digit Darkes - Digit Darkes
Helena Stringer - The Stringer Mausoleum
Machang Pichot - Aoharu
Hart Larsson - PXL
Draconic Lioncourt - Draconic Kiss
Sofia London - lurveBite
Candy Cerveau - Eye Candy
Vooner Voom - Vooner
Nicky Ree - Designing Nicky Ree
Shai Delacroix - Casa del Shai
Violet Morellet - Inorite
Kakaue Yoshikawa - Kakaue shoes
Ghanima Uriza - Blue Blood
SySy Chapman - SySy
Kira Paderborn - Corrupted Innocence
Kavar Cleanslate - Exile
Kuja Akina - The Obscene Skins
Caroline Apollo - Caroline's Jewelry
Missallsunday lemon - wasabi pills
Cherelle Capra - C&D Designs
Avagardner Kungler - Kunglers
Tabitha Ninetails- Laughing Academy
Layja Vidor- Exxess

Available exclusively at King's Rezzable

The project was created to introduce the SL public to creative fashions, architecture and artifact designs inspired by ancient egypt and all walks of life ranging peasants to pharaohs and give some insight as to their culture. It's a place to discover and explore while taking in all the beautiful sights and designs made for everyone to view with many for purchase. The event will last one month, starting Feb 6th, 2009, and there will be two public fashion shows and various events in the days during.

I always love doing these Rezzable things! The first one I had the luck to be in was the "Inspired by Crimson Shadow" Event. Then they asked me back for "Winter Magic" the third event based on the original "Inspired by Black Swan". I was pleasantly surprised when asked to be a part of a special sim opening event "Inspired by Ancient Egypt ".

If you know anything about me as a designer, or even just as a girl who likes to go to events, you'll know I LOVE themed things. These Rezzable events always have a certain theme, something to set that spark of imagination, for designer and event hopper alike. It wasn't hard this time. Who doesn't know a little something about the history of Egypt. In Canada, it's mandatory in our education system to learn about certain aspects of the history of egypt. In highschool there is a whole course on Egypt in 4th year as a History Credit. So I have always been exposed to it.

It was nice when I first got the notecard of the event, that is said we could mix both past and present times in one. What could be better then letting your imagination fly?

So here are my contributions, each with it's own magic, myths and mystery. Enjoy and let a little History invade your hearts!

Kamenwati in egyptian means "Rebel Warrior". The vision of this hair was for a Warrior or special guard of sorts, but one not to be messed with. The hair may be done in dreads, but it isn't anything you would see on the history channel. Comes with a royal scarabs tattooed version.

Khepri in egyptian means "Scarab Beetle". Also known as one of the major gods, it eventually turned into a common womens name among the royal of birth name in the 5th dynasty. So scarabs she has in her hair, as well as the sense of royal stature. Royal Scarabs Attachment(Sold Separately) made to go with the hair by Cherelle Capra of C&D Designs. There is also Scarab cuffs to match, thus completing your look.

I also started making dual tone hairs as special giveaways back with the first Rezzable event I did. These became popular to those lucky enough to get them. With this event I decided to make an event only dual colour set of Khepri, for everyone to enjoy for a limited time. Since there are ten special hairs in one pack, it was hard to show all the loveliness in the ad. You can View more detailed pics on my flickr, of all sides of these special hair colouration. Here is the link:

Royal Scarabs made to go with Khepri. There are 7 different beetles. They come in two attachment types, one which has 2 scarabs on the front and back of the hairfan, one which has three with the extra scarab on the side of the hair. Each type of attachment comes with 3 attachment points: Chin, Mouth and Nose. You can buy separate colours or get them in a Megapack.

Cherelle also made Armlets to match the Scarabs she did for my hair. She has them as an event gift, so if you want them, you better nab them while you can!

I also have a gift out, I'll be showing a snap of the one item in the pics down below.

All furniture in above pictures are Cherelle Capra's contribution to the event. The stuff she made for me was a bonus, hehe. The wings are one of my gifts, I called the Sphinx wings. Not traditional sphinx wings, but I can only contort fractals so much, like come on! My skins I'm wearing for my female avi are the Wasabi Pills skins, they are to die for.
So come on down and get your mummy on!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the duo toned ones, they look terrific!

  2. Helena , I must say I am delighted to know you and Cherelle! Wonderfuly talented always suprise me with great creations. Thank you again for participating hope to work with you in many more events <3

  3. Thanks girls!

    Ruina---> can always count on you to liven up my day with your continued support

    Lokum---> I hope I do get to be in many many more, and am glad I can live up to Rezzbles expectations