Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have had some great models, some have stayed, some have left, for the most part it's been good, and a learning experience as a whole. As the store grows, and clients/customers/fans need more info, I need more help.

So I shout out to you all, I need your little booties in my store looking your best! Been wanting an sl job? well it'll be an intresting one, I swear, well most days at least, hehe!

So you want me as a boss? or are thinking of it.

Well just fill out the answers to the questions below, put it in a notecard, title it with:

(your name)-Wanabe Stringer Model 2009

Then put it in my application box. Or pass it on to me!(Helena Stringer)

Okay on to the "rules" per say.

I am going to take on a few new residents, but not too many. If you are over 30 days, I'll help you become more presentable, so that you can be up to par, and be in the store.

I'm looking for people with a more crazy style, to go with the majority of my stuff! I will need a few Shrine models, so the girly girly will go there. I do need some male models as well!

So back to crazy style, they include:

punk, goth, cyberpunk, steampunk(the dirtier version), grunge, ravers, demons, fantasy, fairy, s&m, and the list goes on. You have seen what I make, hopefully, if you are applying, so you know what I go for. If you have a great personality, and don't mind being my doll, I can help you out, with bringing together a wardrobe. I sadly don't make clothing :( or I would cloth you too!

I am looking for people who are serious about wanting a job, not just wanting free stuff. I need people that can take orders, and will be responsible enough to contact me.

I need 2 group slots out of your 25, since you must be in both the model group to recieve your release items, and the normal group, just to keep track of news, so you can help customers.

I'm looking for models for the store, not ads. I don't deal with ad models, cause for me it's too much time out of my day. When I need to do ads, I need to do them quickly. So sorry about that, but if thats what you thought this was for, just move on, I can't take you.

It's also live store models to be exact. I need you online for lets say 2/3rds of your shifts. I don't mind afk modeling, if you want to leave your girl on while you sleep. But I do need you online for some part of the shifts. eg. 5 hour shift, you would need to be online for at least 1.5 hours. More details on this is accepted.

Also there is a sort of pay system, here is how it goes:

Month 1-3-probation period
-much like real life, I'll be watching, talking, getting to know you, see your work ethic and a feel for what you want out of this job. You'll be paid in product. more on that system after your application is acepted.

Month 4 and on-long term model
-after you have shown you really want this, and have fallen in love with the job, you'l start to get paid in lindens. There is a punch in type system, and you get paid while in a certain range of it. Mean you can walk around, help customers, whathaveyou.

There are other ways to do work for the store aswell, after being with us for a bit, we'll see where your talents lie, and try to incorperate those in with what we got going on. I'll help with any learning needed.

Sooooo . . .


Full avitar name:
SL Gender:
Rez Date:
Reason you want me as a boss:
Are you over 18(RL age)Yes or No is fine:
Can you be in a mature sim(Lindens have comfermed age):
Are you comfortable modeling skins:
Hours Available(specific days with specific hours, in sl time):
Hours a week you'd be willing to give me:
Picture(if you have one, or Flickr link, or website/blog):
Do you have lag issues often:

Thanks for you interest!

Helena Stringer

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