Monday, February 9, 2009

Greatest Love Hunt sponsered by Katlene Niven Agency

I told you I was in more hunts!

I couldn't get this post out this weekend, as most of my fans know, thats when I work in rl, and often times am pooped. So a few days late, but hope you all get out there and grabs some good goodies!

I made these wings to match the Vain Inc. Hunt item I made, which is the hair you see in the ad. I had all sorts of ideas on what to make for this season. I was going to be all anti vday. But I just went all cute somehow. I must find the wench that bespelled me!

The name may see confusing a bit. There are no springs I know, but in rl the dollar store in town has those head bobby heart things. They are on springs. So it just made sense in some way to me. I'm most likely on crack.

For more info on the hunt, here is the official website:
Want to come nab my giftie? here is where it's at:
You can get your starter info at the sign I got up by the door.
Hope you all enjoy your holidays!

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