Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fighting Fire with FIRE!

You may have already started to see all the notices popping up about whats happening in australia. You may know people in sl that live there, or have heard about the tragedy on the news. I myself know more then a few people that live there, and even know one fellow designer, he grew up in one of the towns that is now wiped off the map. To think you could never go back, relive your first kiss, your first bike related booboo down in the park, your first messy icecream cone . . .

Also there are lives that have been snuffed out, and many others that have nothing. A boy clings to a photo, all he has left. A mother cries for the loss of a husband. A elderly lady cries for the loss of her friend, a cat named Fuggles.

It has always amazed me what we seem to be able to do here in sl, cause here there is no countries, no waters seperating our many nations. We rise up to help our friends, if they be furry, alien, demon, doll . . .

More info on the rl event here : http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,25023335-1243,00.html

Autumn Hykova & Dakota Buck have started a charity avatar named Victoria Farshore. All 4 of my items will have full proceeds going to this avi. All the monies collected will be passed on to the Red Cross. I've read that they allow you to chose where the money goes specifially, so thats what the girls are doing, designating it to the Bushfire Relief.

To donate directly please visit this site: https://www.redcross.org.au/Donations/onlineDonations.asp

So I have made a few things, to help out those in need.

I've got 4 items for the charity. Tho at first I was like what am I thinking, people are going to be mad at this fire theme I did, I then said, hey lets fight fire with fire. So show a little love, buy something flamey, and help out in a time of need.

I'm also donating 5% of my daily earnings in sl to Victoria Farshore at the start of each new day. I was contacted yesterday so that started as of then. So even if you buy a regular item, you are still helping in some way.

And as of right now, Hairspray, the all hair sim that I just recently got a store on, is donating this weeks rental fee to the charity as well, so I just paid! Thats another L$500 down!

These wings come in 2 version, open and closed. The open are depicted in the photo. They have 2 attachment points, spine and chest.

This was a hair requested by my Aussie Friend Winter back in September of last year. I decided to make this and a few others in a fire texture, in honour of my bud.

As you may see, I wear nothing, this is to reflect those who have no clothing, but that on their backs.

There will also be a little kiosk, you can donate directly there, any little bit helps.

Get my items at my mainstore: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lyashko/174/165/298


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