Monday, September 14, 2009

I did It, 2 ways sidways from Sunday!

Cause it's monday!

Okay don't ask

Cause I wont tell


I finally got the Limited Edition hair sets on XStreet. I have them set between L$25 to L$100. They do have the Stringer Trading Points in the too, so you can continue collecting. They are already being bought up by browsers, so you might want to act fast, since there is a limited quantity of each.

Also, I've been contacted today by Fabulous Fashion TV and my hair is going to be feature on tonights Episode. Achariya Maktoum is doing a accessories Feature, and she choose my store to be one of the 4 she talks about tonight. The show starts at 6pm slt, but be a wee bit early, so you can set up your sound to hear it live.

I'll actually be there, so you can come sit by me and hang out.

I have a special gift for you all to pick up at the show.


-New Eyes out in store
-more hair Texturing for this weeks hair release
-Gearing up for Wed. New hunt! wicked gifty I made for it too!

That it darlings



*runs around naked, what to wear what to wear, at least I still got all my hair!*

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