Saturday, November 14, 2009

Half Dead but Still Plugging

Ya this is your Demoness slowly turning dead zombie hair designer lady.

I'm not to the point where my eyes are falling out, or my horns are falling off, and I seem to have my whole tail intact still.

I did manage some stuffs for you this week.

Got 7 hairs this week.


*NEW* Pipoptical


Sort of like a space tube mohawk type thing. Inspired by my One-of-a-Kind hair made for Hairfair. Sort of fishlike, so you could be a space fish I'm sure.


In the Rain



*NEW-ish* Candy Mistress V2

Candy Mistress V2

By request, I've taken Cog Mistress and shortened the ponies on it, so instead of ankle length they are now ass length. I couldn't just stick the cogs back in, so you now got lollies.

*NEW-ish* Mistress V3


Also by request, someone wanted Cog Mistress with no danglies. So here is just the buns!

*NEW-ish* BAM!


This was a hair done up for The Stringer Shrine. I always thought it a bit vampy, so I reworked it a bit, and set it up for The Stringer Mausoleum in the lovely new colours. Now go get some blood.



As always, 3 colour packs of the new release hairs are set to 75% off. In the celebration of my new colours, all hairs above have this deal!

Yesterday was also a special day, I heard about it a bit late, but got on the band wagon anyways. Read more about it in my blog post here, and get some info on how to support the cause and get a very nice gift tattoo made by a talented friend of mine, Evangeline Schism.

Now I'm off to paint more pants, thats right, next week I got latex unisex pants for you all, based off the halloween ones!



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