Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Eye Release - Alien Eyes

My first new thing to 2013. These have been sitting in my inventory waiting to be released for a long time. I did have a few made for a hunt at one point, but other than that they have never hit the grid.

As always eyes are what I tend to learn my new skills on, when I take photoshop tutorials. Because of this they tend to be many different styles. These are a simplistic black based eye, but I do love the look.

In each pack you will receive one system eye, one black base system eye, legacy prim attachments in biggie and petites in two eye sizes and mesh attachments in two eye sizes.

The Basics come in 10 vibrant colours as well as one FREE wearable tester. Shown here is the Toxic Orange.

There are also 4 special colours just for my inworld group, for a special price of L$10 each. Remember to wear your group tag when you purchase from the vendor!

I also put 2 special colours into the newly revamped Aurora Vale 7Seas Fishing spot. I have been meaning to get the fishing spot back up and running for a bit now, so you will be seeing more there from now on. Both my sister an I love to fish, even if we don't get to do it often. Hope you enjoy our spot =)

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