Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Hunts are Almost done!

And I have decided to make things a bit easier. I'm going to put some hints on here for you guys, since it always seems like you all want EVERYTHING! Who wouldn't, I made the stuff, so it's awesome!

Hints for the 3rd Annual Starlust Hunt

On Elliot
*TSM* "Army Raider" Beach Bummers~Smoothmelon
I see you down there in the store!

On Harold
*TSM* "Raid my Paisly" Bodysuit~Garden
Must be a chick horse, it's got a clam!

On Horst
*TSM* "Army Raider" Beach Bummers~Torley
ZOMG That is a big f$^&ing Fish, and appearntly it eats clams. Now is that why there is a fish smell?

On Lloyd
*TSM* "Raid my Paisly" Bodysuit~Mystic
I'm sitting here staring at the ocean stuck with this wide load.

On Floyd
*TSM* "Army Raider" Beach Bummers~Tranango
Oh big D my love, I sit here on this mountain top, on this lonely bench and look at your lusious pink glow, how you woo me, with all that flash.

On Gaylord
*TSM* "Raid my Paisly" Bodysuit~Sunset
Helena Blogs for these people doesn't she?


Each clam is L$1. Tps take you to the set sim points.

"Meet you at the Beach" Aurora Vale Hunt

All the Womens gifts are in Peachy Clamshells and all the Mens gifts are in Curly Green Shells. Each shell is set to L$5. To preview the gifts please check out my blog Here:

Womens Gifts

1-this cave use to go somewhere
2-where my store use to live
3-I hid it behind myself
4-I'm right at the start of it all!
5-Come sit, enjoy the starfish and calm ocean breezes
6-Sit next to me
7-enter for a cosmic adventure
8-How the hell did I find a unicorn, I can't walk!
9-You feeling lucky punk?
10-MMM Soda
11-Meet me at the Bar
12-You got boobs, I like boobs! Lets Get married!
13-What is that under the pier?
14-A lonely lakerock is my home

Mens Gifts

1-Find me at the Topiary!
2-Wow that is a big pipe
3-A Jellyfish guards me
4-A pack of merpeople guard me
5-I see wheelchairs over there
6-Sit for Tea

I hid them all in plain sight this time. You can thank me with prezzies, haha. It's not my hunt, so I decided not to be my usual meanie. You still have to search the whole darn sim tho, all areas, all levels.

7 Oldschool gothy beachwear sets. I also have the 7 hair in the ad that match each Swimset in the hunt, so you can be all matchy matchy.

6 Hairs for the dudes in special colours.

I've set all my items to L$5.

Start the hunt HERE!

Hopes this helps you all!

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