Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Woeful Wednesday-Week 2

So another week is here, lets see what I made for juuuuu . . .

Ghost Stories gone Wrong!

This one sort of got made because of a funny series of sl events.

The basic idea is that a group of people are sitting by a campfire, eating toasty marshmellows, and telling ghost stories. This is basically what the ghosts do after a series of bad tales.

This set was made special just for ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday August 18th for a price of L$50. The set includes 2 hairs, one unisex and one womens. It has 2 attachments, one for the chin(headpiece) and one for the chest. This gives you more then enough options to make it all work =)

Get it this Wednesday at my store inwolrd at:


***For more info on ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^, please check out the flickr group here:

I'd love to see what you all do with this


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