Thursday, August 26, 2010

Woeful Wednesday-Week 3

Here we meet again . . .

Utterly Screwed!

I decided to go unisex this week.

This Piece has alot going on. It's sort of what I would think Lady Gaga would wear hair wise if she was more rocker/punk. Lots of things going on but in that sort of artistic take on fashion.

This set was made special just for ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ . It will be only available Wednesday August 25th for a price of L$50. The set includes 1 hair, in 2 differnet colourations. Eye Screws are actually a part of the hair istelf. The Hair will eventaully be sold, but these colourations are totlly unique to this event.

Get it this Wednesday at my store inwolrd at:

***For more info on ^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^, please check out the flickr group here:***

I'm a wee bit late sending out this notice, so I'll be leaving this item out till 11:59 pm slt on August 26th.

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