Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Black Bacchanal - Fables

Once upon a time...

The fables lost their homes due to a corrupt and reaching adversary and found themselves in the mundane reality we all live in, fortunately their story became an Eisner award winning comic book and inspiration for the newest Bacchanal! Join us for this special event with all manner of wonders available for you to take home, starting at only 13L!

This time around your designers are:

The Black Canary
Stringer Mausoleum

As always the Bacchanal won't last forever, and you can be sure you'll probably never see these prices again. So take a trip and hurry, because the Bacchanal will be packing up again on the 5th, and who knows when it might show up again?

When you got such a group of ladies , it's hard to pick just one to make something for. So I chose my top 5 ladies to work off of, and this set popped out. Each colouration has detials that tie in to it's namesake. These are transferable and come in all layers. You get the whole set for L$300.

New Unisex Hair! Yes the ad just has a chic, deal. The hair looks awesome on the dudes. Rose Red is such a rebelious Fable, couldn't pass up the chance on making something to do with her. This short punky style is just one of the many she wears in the comic. L$113 for a pack of 4 colours. These are my new 2010 hair textures, so enjoy!

A curse is a curse, even when you are a women like Sleeping Beauty. What better way to show off the ultimate power of Briar Rose, then to add it's touch to a few pairs of boots? You get both pairs for L$31.

I love making eyes and what better thing to be inspired by the The Big Bad Wolf? L$13 for the set.


Lumi the Snow Queen is one of the Ebil Characters in the comic series. I made a set of skins inspired by her, in 2 tones. Now these are in the Gatcha, and are only L$13 each play. I also have a Rare prize in there, a monochromatic pair of the " Briar Rose a Go-go" Boots. The skins are all transferable, so you can trade them to complete your collection. The boots however are not. Good luck!

So come on by, check out the cool build inspired by the comic, and grab some awesome deals!

Magical Carpet Ride HERE!

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