Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hairfair 2010 is finally here!


Welcome to this years Hairfair, I am Helena Stringer, your Crazy Green Mohawk Wearing Space Tentacle Demoness Extraordinaire!

This year I bring you another round of 5 styles.

But there is a Twist! Always a twist!

I'm launching HALF of my new 2010 Hair Textures this year at Hairfair, so all the styles are all in lovely new colours. 2 of the packs, the Limited Edition Night Shines and the Special Edition Light Shines are up for grabs too and are 50% set to the Wigs for Kids Charity. On ALL hairs! The Limited Edition Night Shines will not be seen for these hairs again for purchase EVER, so grab those if you really want them. The Special Edition Light Shines will be going back to my Updated Trading Card Program, so wont ever be for purchase either, so grab them while it's easy, and you don't have to collect a bunch of point to get them.

I so got inspired while doing a lil robot hunt at a store, that I made this little number. I love my lil robo pets. Hope you enjoy them too!

Another of my "Inspired by shit laying around the house" pieces. This one of the discraded pearl earrings from my exploaded purse. No litterally, my purse exploaded, was not fun. Anyways I can see this piece on the catwalks for sure!

I did up a special colouration, just for Hairfair and only for Hairfair. So this is not only Exclusive, but Limited Edition too! I have it set to only L$100 with 50% going to Wigs for Kids.

The Frist of my Horoscope line, Virgo. This Unisex style has a "Wet" look and has a wing attachment for the head.

It can't be Hairfair unless The Stringer has a Mohawk! This bad boy is BIG! and has a fuckton of prims, but that is okay, you'll love it to bits once you see it's movement on your head!

This is my 50% Charity Item this year at Hairfair. It's my mens style, and I love it to bits. An awesome friend was making Ribbon/Knit textures and handed me tis one, and I've been sticking it on everything possible. I loved it on this hat, and just had to do soemthing with it. Might be a bit tame for The Stringer, but duuuuuude my man alt looks HOT! I want to nom on him, but then that is like self canabalisim isn't it?

Support a good cause, buy a pack(and it happens to look fab on the chics too, as with most male hairs, darn chicies!).

As always, you will find a giftbox in my Hairfair store, it has 2 styles in it, one Unisex and one for the Women.

Come to my Booth here:

Want to see what else is at the fair, but don't want to wait to tp in? Join the Demo group that was created just for that reason! all of us designers are sending our Demos into it, so it makes it easier on you. You can join thru my profile or type in search "Hair Fair DEMO Group".

You can also Preview ads in the Official Flickr Group:

I hope you have a wonderful fair this year. I'm off to Sleep!

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