Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Black Bacchanal-Uk is in Anarchy

The once was a lass named Stringer
who went to the UK to become a swinger
They were so prude
oh what's a girl to do
so she decided to go on Springer!


The Bacchanal has arrived once again, bringing the Oi! Spikes, leather, and plenty of mohawks we celebrate Anarchy in the UK and the punk movement. Update your punk as fuck wardrobe, and get some great deals, with hair, jewelry and more starting at only 13L!

we submit for your pleasure-

Arsenic Lace
Cup of Crown
Stringer Mausoleum
Ticky Tacky
Violet Voltaire

So start the riot and get down here to get the goods. The Bacchanal will be in town From Monday September 13th to the 15th.


So here it all is:

Sculpted vest. Comes in 2 accent colour versions, red and blue. Has a seperate attachment with 250 gems shapes into a Union Jack Flag. Copy/Mod so you can move things and shape as needed.

Crazy, punky pompom hair. Included is the standard Black, White, Blue and Red, also a White/Red/Blue vesion special for the event, plus two Blacks with differnet coloured bangs, one with blue, one with red.

Something fun I made. My sis says it's very Canadian, duct tape and all! Unisex, and moddable.

Fun mini mohawk to match the above vest accents.


I decided to use a pant I made a while back, but never released for this event. I left some of them plain, and then did some in plaid, cause who doesn't need more plaid? There are 14 versions and the rare prize being a pair of my Duct Tape Junle Clomps! Only L$13 per play. Pants are trasferable for sharing, the boots however are not. Good luck!

so come on down, the other vendors have wonderful items too, you can make whole outfits with your stop, at an affordable price too!


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