Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Stringer Mausoleum is rises for Easter

It's been a while.

Some crazy lady dragged me inworld to make some crazy hair(you can all thank Treebee Withnail), so here I am!

Been spending a bit of time learning all this new shit, mesh layers, tattoo layers(ya, I still hadn't updated to V2 when I left, still had 1.23), petite avatars and many more things.

I have been making things, and am planning on updating the store bit by bit.

I do have some things for you to look at, so here we go . . . .


Crazy Hair Hunt 3 has started, and as per usual, I am late letting you know. There is a good reason tho! I changed my ads a bit, felt the other ones were a bit outdated. I might tweek them a bit, don't know yet.

The theme this round was Flora and Fauna. I made a really big, well not big, MASSIVE, hair with tentacle like vines and a big ass flower. Also due to my sister teaching me about Petite avatars, and gifting me one, I made the hair Petite sized as well.

TSM Massive Overgrowth - CHH3 Gift

The Hunt item is a sculpted circular celtic type thing. IDK???? Anyways, I was so not my normal mean self with hiding it, so it shouldn't take you long to find. Enjoy that while you can.

Mwahahahahahah . . . .


I have been gone so long, that I wanted to do up some gifts for my loyal fans who have stayed in the group.

I have one big pack going in the group notices, it will have some hairs from recent ads and blogging, a few petite sized too! There are 2 Beta hairs I made in the last few days, that I had no clue what I'm doing with yet, so you can at least see what I've done so far.

I also have two group only gifts going into the store, here is a look at those:

TSM Maleficence Horns - Group Gift
TSM Buggering Around Outfit - Group Gift

Just wear your tag and click!


I have also made a new instore gift, that is free for everyone on the grid. I have always wantedto do facial hair, so that was something on my list for when I came back. I made this one for the heck of it. It is for men, but as you can see I decked out my avi fem style and wore it anyways!

TSM Mushachio - Fly away Home -Free Instore Gift


I LUUUUUUUUUUUBS bunnahs! might not be big on the whole easter thang, but I don't mind the lil buggers shagging all over my lawn.

So I did a few eastery type things for you. Spunk Bunnah Sets are for both biggies and Petites(Sold Seperately). They have a 12 colour change hud upon click. Only L$25!

TSM Spunk Bunnah Set - Colour Change
TSM Spunk Bunnah Set - Colour Change - Petites

I have always enjoyed doing Special Edition recolours and tweeking. I did an easter one up of "Death of a Goddess" for the group, and decided to do one for everyone else to grab. it is L$25 aswell.

TSM Death of a Goddess - Easter 2012 Edition

The Group Version, which is a nice deep red and deep carrot colour, will be going out in group notices sometime sunday SLT.


I have been loving my new lil Petite avi, so naturally I have been playing to see which hairs will size down and adapt well enough.

Orly has always been a fav Vampy hair of mine. I will be doing it in all the colours, but for the time being I have the Limited Edition Dark Shines Pack in a Gacha.

It is L$25, the hairs are no trans, but if you want the whole set you can try your luck a few times by getting out of the gacha, or you can buy it in the vendor sign near the Machine.
I debated long and hard on putting them Tranferable(as most Gacha type stuff is) or leaving them Copy/Mod. I asked a few people, and one suggested to have the full pack set to sale, for those that want the whole set. Otherwise, if you just want one fun hair, you can just try your luck!

TSM Petites Gacha - Orly L.E. Gacha


That is all I have for you for now. Expect more petite stuff in the near future, as I'm going to have to pimp my own lil avi out, so I migh as well help you guys with yours too!

It's great to be back, and I want to thank everyone that has contacted me about my return. If you had any issue with the store in the last year, and I haven't yet gotten to your issue, please feel free to drop me a notecard.




Helena Stringer
Owner/Designer of The Stringer Mausoleum

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