Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shop Free*Style

Free*Style has always been a love for me. I joined the group in it's early creation, posting things that I found on the grid(in the beginning it was just a bunch of us out finding things), later I posted as a designer, until finally I joined the blogging team(as a guest designer blogger) in March of 2009. Yes, it will be 4 years as a Free*Styler in a few days. I have always blogged something a bit different, often doing themes, event coverage, or lists of places to find specific things.
While I may not always be posting(that is why the whole guest thing), Free*Style is always a part of my SL. It is with great honor that my sister and I were able to help with the next phase of it's life, helping to bring Shop Free*Style to fruition.
Now that the shop is live(as in open to public),I invite you all to come and see what the collective efforts of designers from all over the grid have brought forth for you to enjoy!

My Contributions:

A fun little hair for the ladies! L$0 on the first floor.

My first foray into mesh. L$10 on the second floor.

My Fav new item! These are Unisex and Mod/Trans so you can trade them. They also size down for petites nicely. It is only L$35 per play. Gacha on the second floor.

I hope you enjoy


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