Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rezzable's Swansong

The Final Fashion Event to be held before Black Swan gets taken off the grid. There are about 30 designer participating in this 2 week event, ending Aug.17th.

Swansong - Elements

Fire Water Earth Air

Monday July 27th at 12pm

Black Swan Rezzable sim.

Amutey DeCuir - Bliss Couture
Autumn Hykova - Tiny Bird (Hair)
AvaGardner Kungler - Kunglers Couture
Ayesha Bisiani - Skin Within (Skins)
Brandy Rasmussen - Shine (Jewellery)
Callie Cline - Callie Cline Designs
Candy Cerveau - ~EC~ (Jewellery)
Cherelle Capra - C & D Designs (Home Style)
Dezi Jarvinen - Staged
Elizabeth Tinsley - Frippery (Jewellery)
Evangeline Miles - Evie's Closet
Ghanima Uriza - ++Blue Blood++
Helena Stringer - The Stringer Mausoleum (Hair)
Ivey Deschanel - SN@TCH
Jamie Holmer - INDI Designs
June Dion - Bare Rose Tokyo
Kavar Cleanslate - Exile
Kellie Iwish - Elate!
Lorac Forella - Pulse (Skins)
Morphine Janick - The Sweetest Goodbye
Morrigan Denimore - The Black Canary
Neferia Abel - Ivalde
Raven Pennyfeather - House of RFyre
Rouge Darcy - Rebel Extravaganza
Ryker Beck - Exodi (Skins)
Sky Everett - Sky Everett Designs (Hair)
Star Fairymeadow - Wretched Dollies
SySy Chapman - SySy's Designs
Tabitha Ninetails - The Laughing Academy
Zaara Kohime - Zaara

I have been lucky enough to be in 4 of these shows now. Rezzable has always been welcome to all sorts of ideas with these shows, and it almost has become a sort of family, with many of us coming back show per show. There is always a theme, and oh how I love them.

The Elements are something that are so easily worked with. We all have an element of our own, mine being Fire. It wasn't hard for me to be inspired and make some awesome hair for you guys.

The Stringer Mausoleum Presents . . .

Manes of Glory

This unisex hair sort of started as a tribute to the sun and to the firey mane of a lion. I sound found out that it worked well with all elements. Each hair can be bought seperately, and included is an elemental Laurel, bringing an added elemental Feel. You can also buy the Megapack, which has all 4 hairs included. There is something else very special about this hair, it is a preview of my new hair texture line coming out in september. These 4 textures will not be part of my actual line being launched, they are special to this event, and will only be sold for this event. So in a sense they are both special edition hairs and limited edition hairs. Inculded with each hair is a voucher for one colourpack of the Manes of Glory, for when they come out in the new colourline. So you'll get a whole pack for free with purchuse basically, you just have to come back when they are up in the store. The voucher will only be good for the Manes of Glory hair, and only till the end of 2009.

All parts are Copy/Mod/No Trans

Also at the event I made a set of eyes to match the elements. These are my gift to you. And if you want to try a wearable hair with the new textures, get the demo, not only does it have the actual Manes of Glory Demos, but you get a female and unisex tester of each texture, to have a nice little added preview.

I hope you enjoy this hair, it's the biggest I have made to date, and I'm super happy with it.

There are 2 more Actual Fashion Shows for the event: August 2nd - 2pm SLT and
August 17th - 6pm SLT.

Slurl to the show . . .

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