Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010-Year of the Pants!

Not really, but I did make a few.

So I have things, things in the store, wearable type things, you know, that I like actually made, and put in the store. Did you know I have a store? Have I dropped outta your minds that fast?

So here is a bit of what has been going on, the last 4 months I have been very sick. In the begining was still coming on for bits and pieces, and then I just got worse, it started that I could only handle 30 minutes at a time, which doesn't give you much time for anything in sl. Then the point came where I couldn't even handle any time.

But this new year, I'm back, not better, but better then I was.

So I said pants right?

Here they are, Unisex Latex pants, in 14 wonderful colours to choose from, cause I'm a colour addict. Couldn't you tell from all my hair textures?

Unisex Latex Pants-Basic

Ya the basic staple, just plain old shiney assed latex.

Unisex Latex Pants-Leopard

Come and get your kitty on! Decided to do leopard, cause everyone does everything else. I HAZ to be somewhat different.

Unisex Latex Pants-Liquid Swirls

Sort of like oil on water, all swirly coloury goodness.

I have one of these in each type set to 1/2 off for the next few days. I also put the Megapacks on for 1/2 off, so you can grab all these pants for L$350 per type. As with all my clothing, they are transferable.

I have a special for 1 week, the Atomic version of these Latex pants. Only L$60.

Unisex Latex Pants-Atomic

I also have a special Group Gift version in the store near the pants.

Unisex Latex Pants-Disco Dots

And by Request, I have my Halloween hunt versions finally out, as a Group Purchase. L$10 per pack of 4.

Unisex Latex Pants-Crackle

Unisex Latex Pants-Candy Corn

Unisex Latex Pants-Bats

*The Crackle ones are hot!*

Part of the Stringer Trading Card Program, I have 2 more pairs up for grabs.

Unisex Latex Pants-Skulls

Unisex Latex Pants-Stars

And lastly, if your feeling lucky, you can snag this off my lucky board.

Unisex Latex Pants-Circles

I made EYES, lots and lots of eyes. I'm not going to put them all out this week, I got sick of staring at my avi ass, and didn't want to deal with hours looking at her face either.

Night Stalker

I'm really proud of how these turned out. I have them set 1/2 off for the next few days.

Digital Era Eyes

These actually were already released, just redid the ad XP

Droid Eyes

Sort of goes with the theme of the month, a metal iris and pupil. This is also set to 1/2 off.

Cyber Veins Eyes

I haven't had a gift in the store in forever, I'd been doing hunts instead. So since don't have any hunts this month, new store gift! It's free for you to pick up near the rest of the eyes.

Alien Eyes

These were from my Halloween hunt aswell, brought out by request. Next week I'm bringing out the big set, but for now my group can pick this pack up for L$10.

Part of the Stringer Trading Card Program, I have 2 more Singles up for grabs.

Alien Eyes

Alien Eyes

Want to join the group? you can find it in my profile(Helena Stringer), or see if search will bring it up. It's called "Stringer's Followers-Info Group".

There happens to be 2 gifts in the notice too.

For anyone that cares, my sis and I's avis are going to be 3 in the next few days. We have a party planned, so watch out for news on that. As always lots of gifts and giveaways.

Okay I'm officially pooped now, so I'm going to go have a rest, and then get started on all the stuff for next week. Got some much stuff to get out!


Helena Stringer
Desiger/Owner of The Stringer Mausoleum

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