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Limited Edition Mini Hunt-April Week 2

Limited Edition Mini Hunt-April Week 2

Hey guys!

Yes, as you can see I'm finally bring back an old favorite event here to The Stringer Mausoleum. I personally love Limited Edition stuff, and I love hunting. Over a year and a half ago, I had started to do limited edition mini hunts for new releases, that had limited edition hair textures, or if another type of product, it's have it's own special colours not to be released.

They were hugely fun, and people really enjoyed them. Now due to my failing health, I hadn't managed to do any in a very VERY long time. But had always planned on bring the event back.

Well it's finally here, and if for any reason a new release happens and I can't do the hunt, I'll have some other way for you to get the limited editions.

~~~The Basics~~~

For hair I have Currently 3 packs of Limited Edition Colours.

Camos Pack
Colour Bleeds Pack
Roboshines Pack

This could change at any time, as who knows, I might just get crazy and make more packs, cause I'm a colour whore =)

Each single will be priced at no higher then L$25, for every so many out, I'll price one at L$1. If it's a full pack, it'll be price acording to my mood, based on how many textures is in the pack, or how generous I'm feeling. Some will be L$10, some will go up to L$100.

ALWAYS for hair it'll be one of 5, so one of olny 5 EVER sold on the grid. In the items name, at the end you will see a number like this:


This lets you know which Limited edition you managed to get.

Hairs will be Copy/Mod/No Trans.

The little prims you hunt for will show what texture or what pack you have found clearly. They are set to original, so please pick them up after you have found them, and bought them.

As for other items, they will have no set colour range. It'll just be whatever limited colour I make for that thing, also there could be more, say for eyes it could be one of 10, instead of one of 5. Each week I'll let you know what items are in the hunt, and have more info if it's something sort of different. These items could possibly be Transferable.

I set the items out in rounds, over a period of time, as the first round starts to run out, the second round goes out. I let my group know when new rounds are out.

Stringer's Followers-Info Group(can also find it in my profile)

Items will also be hidden both inside the store, and in my cemetery. NOWHERE else, unless I say so for that week.


I will not give refunds on these. I also will not give money back if you bought 2 of the same Item in the same limited edition colours, so please make sure you are paying attention when hunting.

on to the goodies!

April Week 2
Limited Edition Mini Hunt Items

New Releases in Mini Hunt


Singles to find


Singles to Find


Packs to find

Peanut Flower

Packs to find

Older Releases in Mini Hunt


Packs to find

In the Rain

Packs to find

Tank Master Flex

Packs to find


Packs to find

I hope you all enjoy yourselfs and have fun with your limited edition hairs!

Helena Stringer
Designers/Owner of The Stringer Mausoleum

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