Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Stringer Mausoleum Says more Hair Please!

Hey guys got lots for you today!

There is all sorts of stuff coming up for you guys, straight from me to The Stringer Mausoleum. I have tried a few more attempts at clothing, the alternative fair is on it's way, I've got another event at the end of the month. But do you know what the biggest thing is?


Ya it's that time of the year again, I get old and shit XP

But before all this can take place, I had to get hair out!

New Releases:



This is actually a redo, sans the daggers it use to have. I'll make new spiffy ones sometime and set them for L$10 or something. This hair is a good classic staple, I don't make many so enjoy it.



This lovely piece was inspired by an sl artist. You can view some of her works here: It's been a long time coming, but it's finally been made, hope you like it!


One of my many weird experiments, sort of reminds me of a helmet.

Peanut Flower

Another oddball hair, a friend said it looks very cool on nekos. So you can be like alien neko or something. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

As always new releases for the first little while(normally a few days unless I forget), have 3 packs priced down to 75% off. So nab some deals while you can.

Back by popular demand:


Keep getting this one asked about, so I dug it out, and it's uber cheap for the whole MEGApack. L$25!


Same here, so because you want it, here it is. This is a MEGApack aswell, and it's just L$50.

New Savoir Hair Samplers:



Savoir Hair has a newhome, and I was asked back after not being there for a long time. New to this location is the ability to have both a mens and womens style. Bigger, better and more desginers, what more cold you ask for to start a nice hair collection. Tell all your new player friends!

Here is the Slurl

I am also in the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt, and made something sort of alien and organic at the same time, so find the weird arse doll globe and claim your prize! Hint in my "Hint cube of HELL!"

And Lastly, I'm reintroducing my Limited Edition Mini Hunts for new releases. Some of my oldies will remember them, some of you new people will not, but they were always mega fun, and it's nice knowing you have one of only 5 on the grid, sitting right there in inventory!

Detailed info will be in my next Post.

Okay I think I'm done now, I can't see anymore new product, so I don't think I missed anything!



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